How To Increase Summer Sales

The market for sunglasses as an eyecare need and a fashion accessory is growing fast. Here is an insight on how the heat of the sun can boost your sales this summer season

AdobeStock_82764303A fashion accessory such as sunglasses is the largest driver of traffic across shopping searches during summer months. These are the months that experience 50% more sales in sunglasses than in any other season. Retailers must capitalise on this season by promoting trending sunwear that customers are more likely to search for. A better understanding of the target market and trending eyewear models will also help maximise profits.

Here are a few tips you can use this season to your advantage and increase your sales:

Go bright and dramatic for summer

This season is all about bright colours and head-turning shapes. Understand that the consumer today loves to experiment and thus it is important that the retailers stock up sunglasses that aim to give out a bold look that creates their own heat this summer. Sumptuous reds, purples, and oranges are dominating the palette this season. Blues are still going strong, in a wider variety of shades from electric cobalt to turquoise blue.

Dramatic shapes in sunwear are another key element that will help maximise sales this season. While the classic shapes are certainly on the menu, geometrical shapes are a promising trend for summer 2016.

AdobeStock_92372197Create a seasonal section for summer sunglasses

Dedicate a shelf or a section to showcase sunglass styles that are perfect for summer months. One way to make your sunglasses business stand out, is to colourfully decorate or design that section and display the sunglasses there. Display of a few props such as colourful butterflies, summer caps and hats can also pull the attention of customers.  

Promote summer sunglasses

Proper marketing and promotion can be the key for making the sunglass business a success this season. Retailers should consider providing information at their optical store to educate customers on the dangers of the sun’s harmful UV ray and the benefits of sunglasses. Do this with the help of brochures, posters, or electronic media with educational literature geared to engage and inform the customers. Retailers can also hang posters featuring their best selling items or newest products to get the attention of customers. A branded dispensing mat is another great marketing tool to let the customers know that the store is offering cool summer sunwear.

Another good way to promote sunglasses is to conduct impromptu demonstration session at neighbouring clubs or summer camp sites. Inform the parents, teachers and children of the importance of wearing sunglasses during summers and protecting their eyes from the sun.

Consider utilising marketing tactics that work for you, whether it’s advertising, E-mail newsletters, website updates, or engaging on social media to increase people’s awareness about the importance of wearing sunglasses during summers. This is also a great way to provide customers with opportunities to come see what’s new and trending in your store this season.

AdobeStock_75305290Staff Training

Whilst preparing for good sales during summer, don’t forget to pay special attention to staff and customer relations. It is important that the customer is treated well and has a good experience when he/she visits your optical store. To maintain a good customer and staff relationship, it requires professionalism from the staff’s end. Courtesy and effective response to customers shows that the customer is valued by your business.

Proper staff training before the summer’s start will be a good way to inform your staff of the new inventory. Your trained staff members will now have the unique opportunity to talk to customers about the different kinds of sunglasses your store has and make guided recommendations that best serve the customers. Providing staff with incentives is another good way to increase their productivity thus boosting your sales.

Add value to your sales with RX sunglasses

Encourage your customer to get out there and enjoy the sunshine. Now is a great time to think about adding Rx sunwear to your business. Not only can it help set you apart from the other practices in your area, but it can also serve as an additional revenue source. When a customer comes into your store to fill their eyeglass prescription, you can recommend a pair of Rx sunglasses to them.

Ask them of the activities they indulge in and the kind of work they do and based on this information you can recommend a pair of RX sunglasses best suited to them. Explain the customer of the comfort of driving or riding in a pair of cool RX sunglasses and of course the benefits of protecting their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

With more and more companies offering Rx sunwear, your customers can have a variety of branded sunglasses to choose from.

AdobeStock_89193309Which lens should the customer choose?

By understanding what outdoor activities the customer engages in, optical staff can advice him/her on lens colours and materials. For example, gray and blue mirror lenses block the most light from entering the eye, which is great for activities taking place in bright and sunny conditions. These lens colours are also ideal for someone who has light colored eyes or is sensitive to sunlight. Copper and amber lenses work well in variable light conditions, such as when it’s overcast outside. For people who enjoy hiking in wooded forests, fresh water fishing, or similar activities, these lens colours will work best.

Lens material is also an important factor to keep in mind. Many sunwear brands offer a range of lens materials to choose from. Lightweight, impact-resistant plastic or polycarbonate will perform best for people who enjoy aerobic activities outside, such as cycling or running. Optical staff should also understand the benefits and features of different sunwear frames. For some customer, anti-fogging vents may be a necessity, while lightweight frames may be the priority for others. With the right training, optical staff should be ready to provide customers with informed recommendations to fit them with the perfect pair of sunglasses.

Organising competitions

Competitions can have an immediate impact on your sales, so why not use them this summer! Organise a photo competition, a lottery, or a quiz on the internet or in your area, in places such as activity clubs or shopping malls. In all of these cases, offer a prize to your visitors to encourage them to play. Your prizes can range from 10 to 20% coupon discounts or gift vouchers to have a large number of participation from customers end.

Let everyone know about the competition by means of your website, your social networking sites, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, so as to inform people of their chance to own a cool eyewear at a discounted rate.

Finally, a bonus tip…remember to stock the right trending brands, it will make a huge difference to your sales. Understand your customer and cater to their needs in an effective manner. Let the rising temperatures enhance your rising sales.

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