The Vigilant Well Wishers of Optical Trade

The optical industry owes its success to many stalwarts who thought ahead of time, introduced innovative practices and shaped the future of the trade as we know it. The good thing is that these vigilant superheroes of the trade have still not given up. Most recently the opinion voiced against the latest Lenskart ad is an example of their efforts…

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A few days ago, Lenskart- one of the online eyewear retailers- came out with an advertisement that made some alarming claims. The ad claimed that opticians charge an exorbitant price for products they sell as there are several middlemen like manufacturer, exporter, etc. involved – each one charges their commission.

However, friends and well wishers of the optical trade would agree that this is not true. An optician always strives to give the customer the best possible deal – in terms of the product as well as its pricing. When one considers the quality of the product, the guidance that the opticians offer, and of course the after sales service – the neighborhood opticians emerge as the clear winners!

But such advertisements by Lenskart paint an incorrect picture portraying the hard working opticians as the villains of the story. While many were disappointed with the way things are shown, one man – Sanjeev Madan of Bonton Opticians, Delhi decided to take it up with the authorities.

Sanjeev reached out to CCC -Consumer Complaints Council – elaborating on how the online retailer was making an incorrect claim portraying the neighborhood opticians in bad light. He diligently pursued the matter with them.

After extensive evaluation which included a written clarification by Lenskart, CCC awarded the decision in favour of Sanjeev’s complaint. Lenskart has been asked to modify or withdraw the advertisement latest by June 23, 2022.

It is Sanjeev’s efforts that led CCC to evaluate the matter and rightfully so. In its detailed response CCC said that the claim made by the advertiser was without any substantiation and is denigrating other opticians by showing them in bad light. Further, it was agreed that the advertiser was not able to provide any verifiable comparative data to substantiate its claim.

Kudos to Sanjeev Madan for his relentless pursuit that will help all of the optician community! It is the efforts of such heroes that have ensured that the spirit of the optical trade community stays high.

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