Smart Mirror Mobile App: A Tool For Opticians

Developed by a French corporation, the Smart Mirror app helps opticians to provide more than the regular in-store purchase experience when it comes to dispensing eyewear

adobestock_75128143With the development of mobile devices (laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc), the impact of technology is gradually being witnessed in the domain of optometry as well. Not just the way trade is being done but also the practice of selling eyewear is poised for a revolution.

Just like the customer relies on the optician for advice on the right eyewear to buy, the optician has to choose to rely on an appropriate tool in order to be able to give genuine advice.

Now this device has to be in tandem with the latest technologies. After all, the technical advancement will only empower the optician to deliver better customer service. Additionally, it will ensure that the customer gets better eyecare.

The consumer’s demand for omni-channel experiences is growing and so is the need for a more digital touch points within the store to encourage the customer to buy. Integration of such digital touchpoints aid in improving the quality of eyecare and raising the overall standards of service considerably. The traditional brick and mortar in-store experience is gradually taking a backseat. And retailers are exhibiting bold behaviour by showing their willingness to experiment.

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-3-44-52-pmWhen it comes to apparel and fashion, we have various types of technology based tools that actually encourage the customers to try.

Likewise, the trade of optometry is no exception to this trend. Amongst the many innovations that the trade of optometry has witnessed in the last few years, it is tools like the ‘Smart Mirror mobile app’ that hint at the dawn of a more technologically advanced era.

Developed by ACEP France S.A, a French corporation, this application is designed with a view to help opticians provide better service to their customers. ACEP has developed applications for Seiko, Kodak, Essilor, BBGR, Nikon, Nova, Shamir, Specsavers, GrandOptical and other ophthalmic optical companies and clients. Applications like the Smart Mirror mobile app actually allow opticians to sell customised lenses. What’s more is that the app combines the user-friendly features of an iPad making it extremely easy to use.

doc-smart-mob-anglais-2What is Smart Mirror App?

Smart Mirror Kit is simple and consists of minimalist hardware to measure pupillary distance and all types of other eye measurements when it comes to helping the customer choose eyewear. A recent addition to the app is the all new plastic Frame Reference Device (FRED) which is able to retain its shape for consistent and accurate results.

Since the platform is an iPad, taking measurements and using the other features of the device is really easy. Smart Mirror application is self-explanatory with an inbuilt help section in case of any doubts and requires zero training to use. This is the main reason why these solutions are the preferred choice world over. Smart Mirror app has default values and can be used to sell lenses from various manufacturers.The Smart Mirror mobile app, a multifunction application combines all the functionalities of the free-standing devices: frame selection, lens and treatment, simulations, measurements.

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-2-56-45-pmUnderstanding the technology!

The Smart Mirror app uses the NV Fit technology. This is designed to allow opticians to let their clients select optimal progressive lens design according to their comfortable reading distance. Instead of giving near vision tests at an average distance, this technology takes the patient’s precise reading distance.

This measurement allows the opticians to adjust the inset, placing the near distance area in the most optimal position of the lens according to the patient’s comfortable reading distance.

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-3-13-28-pmMeeting demands

Smart Mirror mobile app meets the unique demands of optical dispensary; it is designed to improve efficiency, enhance patient eyewear shopping experience and ultimately improve the bottom-line profits for dispensing opticians! The app allows customers to try on new frames, take pictures or videos, compare them side by side, and get instant feedback from friends or family. This way opticians can ensure that their customers are happy with the frame choice and less likely to have buyer’s remorse.

Taking measurements of necessary fitting parameters such as Distance and Near Monocular PD, Fitting height, Pantoscopic tilt, Vertex distance, Frame wrap, Reading distance, Inset, and recommending the best corridor length selection is easy with this app. Not just easy, the measurements recorded through the app are accurate.

The applications also finally allows patients to see how their new lenses perform. This is something that the usual in-store purchase experience was previously unable to offer. This could be an advantage that can help opticians
sell better.

The very high quality simulations are extremely realistic and allow patients to experience the advantages well. Additionally, opticians can easily demonstrate both the technical aspects of the lenses and the comfort offered by high-end products. Even the advantages of options and special treatments – anti-reflective, polarized, photochromic, tint, aspheric, Hi index, etc. – can be convincingly demonstrated.

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-3-42-48-pmFrom the makers

“As a developer and manufacturer of solutions with high added technological value, our role is to plan for the future to enable opticians to benefit from advanced solutions and the best of innovation. For this reason, we dedicate a substantial percentage of our turnover to research and development focusing on new technologies each year. We worked on creating solutions for tablets since 2009, betting on iPad success. Our solutions now have a lead of one year over the market and enable opticians to use the same software as wearers, who hope to read from their digital tablet using progressive glasses. Planning for the future is our strategy” – Jean-Philippe Sayag, C.E.O. ACEP, the company behind the Smart Mirror app.

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-2-53-08-pmAn innovative effort

Options like the Smart Mirror app are providing the much needed innovative option to the existing trade practices in optometry. Such applications go beyond just making the trade technologically advanced. In fact, they contribute to improving the standards of eyecare along with empowering the dispensing opticians to deliver better service.

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