Abdel Halim Of Vision & Fashion On Vision-X

Abdel Halim is the CEO of Vision & Fashion, the headline sponsor of Vision-X. Here he is in conversation with Siraj Bolar

Abdel Halim in conversation with Siraj Bolar for VisionPlus Magazine

Abdel Halim shares the future plans for Vision & Fashion with Siraj Bolar

What expectations do you have from Vision-X this time?
In recent times, there’s not been much of a buzz or activity in most international exhibitions and now with Vision-X moving to November, I think it’s a good thing. The weather is fantastic and we can expect visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. And also this year we have the Vision-X VP Awards which is being held for the first time. We’ve experienced award shows at Mido and then Silmo d’Or, but this is the first time we are having something like this in the Middle East. Also, we are planning a gala party during the event, something that’s not been seen before. Also, there are plans to have a fashion show and I am sure this time it’s going to be different. I would like to invite everyone from all over the Middle East to visit Vision-X and I assure you that it’s going to be different. I am happy to be the headline sponsor for this event to help the Vision-X team achieve the aim of moving the industry ahead together.

Your feedback on Vision-X VP Awards 
Vision-X VP Awards…it’s the first time that such an event is being held. It has managed to get Yateem, Al Jaber, Magrabi, Rivoli Eyezone, Hassans and others under one platform to assess and judge products to tell us what they think is good for the market. This is an achievement in itself. Also, if a company or product gets an award, it’s like a certificate that the product is good and it will help in the advertising and marketing of that product. I think it’s a great initiative.

Is November a good month for Vision-X?
I think November is a very nice month. It’s fantastic weather in November in Dubai. All the people are coming to Vision-X because it has changed totally. In the past, the weather was not conducive for travelling to Dubai as people travel to Dubai for business as well as for holidays. Also, Vision-X happens this year after all the other exhibitions, and in a way it’s the last event for the year. Most opticians in this region stop purchasing in October as they try to close their books for the year. So, by having Vision-X in the end of November, it would mean that people who visit Vision-X would be planning their purchases for 2015 and beyond and that’s a good thing in my opinion as they will now be looking ahead and planning in advance. I feel that this Vision-X will be different and the best one so far.

How would you invite people to visit Vision-X?
I invite the opticians from all over to visit Vision-X to see what’s different this year. I have invited all my clients as well as suppliers from all over… from Europe, from Egypt, from Africa and other places. I have very good relations with the industry and I personally invite everyone to come and enjoy the benefits of Vision-X, this year.

What are the future plans for Vision & Fashion?
Vision & Fashion is a wholesaler company operating from the Dubai Airport Free Zone that operates across GCC. We have just opened offices in Beirut and Lebanon. We now have plans for a new office in Egypt too. Our aim is to get high end brands offering good quality and good prices, which are trendy and fashionable. We are not looking for profits, but rather in the success of the opticians. Because in their success lies our success. We want to work as a team and I would like to be able to provide together to the end consumer products of high quality, and it’s not just about profitability. At Vision & Fashion, we have a lot of plans to introduce newer brands to the region and to open more offices and to serve our customers in the best possible way.



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