“We Have Big Plans For Silhouette…”

Mukul Poojara and Viral Joshi from Optimed talk about Optimed’s journey and growth

From becoming sole distributors of renowned global brands like Silhouette to introducing the cool kids brands SeeSaw, Optimed has emerged as one of the strong players in the industry. In this edition, we speak to Mukul Poojara and Viral Joshi from Optimed to get an insight into their portfolio and spill the beans on the plans in the pipeline. 

VisionPlus (VP): Tell us something about Optimed Corporation and its journey so far…

Mukul Poojara (MP): Well, it all started with a family business but the vision was grand – to become reliable distributors for the retailers. At Optimed, we have always worked towards two major goals – maintaining quality and upholding the trust of our partners. This focus has helped us evolve and grow. Today, we have a strong network spread across 50 cities in the country. This includes top optical stores, fashion boutiques, retail chains and even eye hospitals. Modern organized structure combined with the latest tech allows us to share latest information about trends with them. Our partners have been supportive and their patronage continues to help us grow stronger.

VP: Silhouette has been with you for a long time…what sustains rather strengthens the relationship?

MP:  Silhouette is our marquee brand. We take pride in being their sole distributors in India. And let me tell you, we have earned this trust thanks to the efforts put in as an entire team. As a brand, Silhouette has always emphasised on values like quality, trust and transparency. The Optimed team resonates with similar values. And therefore, we have not just sustained but even strengthened our relationship with Silhouette. Optimed team has worked tirelessly to establish a strong rapport with its retail partners to help Silhouette strengthen its foothold in the country.

VP: Tell us more about the rapport with your retail partners … initiatives that Optimed takes to help them.

Viral Joshi (VJ): We have developed Silhouette 360 program for our key partners, idea is to cover all the basis for the marketing & communication efforts. 

For starters, we conduct extensive training programs for our key partners. We are currently in talks about bringing a specialised trainer on-board that will be available to conduct in-store and online training sessions for our retail partners. You see we are very keen to support the retailers in terms of empowering them with product knowledge, benefits, etc.

Silhouette Sun Days: We will showcase an exclusive preview of Silhouette Sunglasses collection for the extended weekend starting from Thursday to Sunday at their store. A customised portable display will be installed at the store which will showcase the entire range of Silhouette Sunglasses. Since most of Silhouette sunglasses are rxable, it provides an excellent cross selling opportunity for our partners.

Promotions: We have also included an extensive mix of in-store and outdoor promotions to ensure better visibility for the brand as well as for our partner. We will also include social media promotions in this package. Let me specify this is a completely customisable package wherein the focus is to work with the retailers to help them grow their business. 

VP : Which of the Silhouette models do you see as a top performer or trend setter?

MP: Let me tell you that Silhouette has an extensive range and each model is a show stopper! So to point out one would be unfair. However, I would say that the rimless models are a huge hit. They have been around for quite some time but they have undying loyalty among customers. New SPX Plastic models which is made from their patented materials is also growing by leaps and bounds which are much appreciated by our partners, and end users for their lightness, innovation and wearing comfort.  

VP : Let’s talk about SeeSaw- the kids eyewear brand in your portfolio.

MP: SeeSaw is relatively nascent but it’s already making a big noise. I mean the range is fantastic – kids are loving the funky colours, the fit, the comfort! Above all, the frame is made of non-toxic materials so the parents can have a sigh of relief.

VP: SeeSaw has a specific and let’s say choosy audience – how do you manage to communicate to them?

VJ : We were all choosy as kids so our young rockstars are the perfect audience. For starters, the name of the eyewear is itself pun-intended. Then the packaging – Mukul has gone the extra mile to create that fun filled experience for the kids when they unbox the eyewear. Even the mascot  – Seezer is this adorable beaver that the kids love. The idea of adding the whole fun and colour element to this eyewear is to remove the stigma that kids associate with wearing eyewear.

MP: Adding to what Viral said, we are also hosting events, showcasing at exhibitions, across the nation in association with our key partners. The events are completely focused on the kids – their fun and entertainment. In the process we showcase the SeeSaw collection. The response has been tremendous!

VP: Plans in the pipeline…

MP: A little too early to spill the beans but let me give a glimpse. We have big plans for Silhouette – to reach out to retailers as well as end users. Details are being worked out by our team but I assure you that we intend to make a big splash in the coming months.

VJ: For SeeSaw too, we have plans to host interactive events for children at several locations across the country. It will help our retail partners add to their visibility and footfalls! We are going to make every effort possible to generate the demand for our products at the user level that will help our partners sell our products faster.

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