In conversation with Optitalia

Siraj Bolar, Editor-in-Chief VisionPlus Magazine speaks to Mauro Casotto, CEO, Optitalia Group

Established in 1996, Optitalia L.L.C’s core strength is in its well-balanced and diversified portfolio of brands. Today, Optitalia is the leading distributor of fashion, luxury and sports eyewear in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. With over 40 brands under its roof, Optitalia Group is considered as one of the pioneers in the distribution of eyewear in GCC.

The secret to success

Fast delivery, door to door services, innovative and customised visual solutions are what differentiate Optitalia from its peers. In this edition, we get to delve deeper into what drives the brand – the secret to its success and plans in the pipeline.

“We do not intend to get into the production of glasses – it is not our business,” says Mauro, establishing a clear focus on distribution as its prime and only objective.

Never too keen to get into the business of manufacturing eyewear, Optitalia has successfully grown its portfolio ensuring that each of its brand has a distinct identity. Reiterating this sentiment, Mauro added, ” We believe that it is important for different brands to have different organisations. It is important to ensure that each brand has a separate organisation, a dedicated staff to handle its portfolio.”

This indicates that Optitalia may have mastered the code to a strong distribution network making them a leader in the market.

A customised approach

Adding further Mauro says,” We believe in a customised approach – depending on the market and depending on the product. For instance, the Carrera range of products cater to a certain price segment and customers. So we plan accordingly. Like I said, we have a dedicated staff to support each of our brands. It is this differentiation that helps us stay strong in the market.”

Offering an exhaustive range of products, Optitalia has something for every customer. Additionally, they support the purchases through excellent after sales service. Commenting on this approach Mauro Casotto said,”When a customer buys an expensive lens, they expect an equally strong after sales support in terms of spare parts and other queries. In this regard, our company is doing extremely well. Our customers trust us. So when they buy from us, they know they can expect the required support.”

Optitalia Group has been a key contributor towards shaping the industry through its various efforts. In this interaction Casotto spills the beans on various aspects that have established the legacy of the brand.

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