VP Arabia Apr-Jun 2020


Covid-19 seems to have changed everything. The world we know may change forever and this unprecedented change will affect every part of our lives. But as they say, life must go on. So here we are with our latest issue of VisionPlus.

The Market Talk is on the impact of Coronavirus and how it might affect us in the future. In Designer Profile, it’s all about ‘Girl Power’ with our feature on Victoria Beckham. The features on Multifocal Daily Disposables and Lens Coatings will surely be of interest to all of you.

This time for In Conversation we have Abdel Halim Yousef, someone who has the experience of retail, distribution as well as manufacturing. He has some very interesting perspectives about where the eyewear industry is headed.

Then, of course, we have our regular features like Brand Wagon, Off The Shelf and Blogspot which should give you some insight into what’s new out there.

That’s it for the current issue. I look forward to a time when social interaction returns back to normal and we are all able to meet each other soon.

Read on. Enjoy!

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