VP India Jul-Aug 2023

This month will see a lot of action with the jury meet for VP Awards scheduled for the middle of August and then we have the YOU&EYE Global Opticians Awards voting to start soon. This build up will ultimately showcase our most ambitious yet, the VP Expo Dubai 2023. To say that I am excited would be an understatement!

Let’s move on to the current issue. In Brand Profile we explore the fascinating world of Lacoste, which has always managed to retain its combination of subtle and classiness in its own unique way. In Trends, we keep you updated on happenings at ‘The Paris Fashion Week’ and the eyewears that were in the spotlight. In Vision And Beyond, we delve into the area of smart contact lenses, something that’s never caught on but seems to be finally making its presence felt. A little about myopia in kids is covered in Ophta Talk while Sustainability discusses the brands that are making their contribution to the environment.

Immerse yourself in the latest fashion and style in Galleria and Off The Shelf. Stay in the loop with Blogspot and Celebwatch and join us on social media for more exclusive content!

Dive in and enjoy !

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