VP SE Asia Oct-Dec 2022


VisionPlus EXPO was a huge success and I am already looking forward to the 2023 edition. It was heartening to hear the words of appreciation from exhibitors and visitors alike.

We feature an extensive coverage of the event in this issue which covers the VisionPlus EXPO event as well as VP Academy and VP Awards. Moving on, in Trends we have an article on Classicism where Milica Jojic explains why the pandemic
has revived the styles of yesteryears.

In Brand Profile, we have ‘Carrera’, with its unique relationshop to the car racing world. This issue also marks the return of Opticman. In ‘FashionSpeak’, you can read about the story of sunglasses and how it binds women together. Pratik Bhatt shares his insights about the importance of sustainability in the eyewear industry.

What follows is Galleria, Off The Shelf, Blogspot and Celeb Watch that’ll make sure you are up to date with all that’s happening in the eyewear world. Make sure you check out our social media channels. And here’s wishing 2022 goodbye and looking forward to a brighter 2023.

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