Vision Rx Delivers Extreme Sharpness And Optimal Clarity With Satin Klear UV

Vision Rx Lab brings the latest innovation in Anti- Reflective coating for enhancing the performance of prescription lenses for clear vision & cosmetic appeal with the launch of Satin Klear UV coating, available under its flagship brand, Nova Eyewear.

Claiming to be the best in class anti-reflection, the press release said, that it also comes with 6 more protective features, such as UV protection, water repellence, scratch resistance, smudge resistance, anti-static property and extended durability.

Lens clarity is often hindered by unwanted reflections which pose a daily problem for spectacle wearers. Back-side reflections, front-side reflections, optical dispersion caused by smudges and dust, ghost images by multiple reflections within a lens mar the performance of the lens. Light rays from various sources, while indoors or outdoors, fall all the time from all possible angles of the spectacle, both from the front and backside. And due to this, spectacle users are often subjected to face unwarranted reflections.

According to the press release, the solution to such annoying reflections can now be discovered with Satin Klear UV, one of the most advanced and transparent AR Coating in the market which can provide up to 99.8% transmission. With its unique multi-layered coating on both sides of the lenses, Satin Klear UV reduces annoying ghost images that often appear in other AR, allowing maximum transparency, which makes them almost invisible not only to the user but also to their interlocutors.



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