Vision Rx Launches Satin Azure UV

Vision Rx Lab, recently launched Satin Azure UV, a state-of –the-art Anti-Reflective coating designed for today’s millenials.

In this age of social media, where netizens are vying to look their best on various online platforms, the expectations from eyeglasses are a notch higher. These modern day users look for lenses which not only provide superior visual clarity but also come with better aesthetics and transparency.

Conventional lenses with ordinary coatings fail to curb unwanted reflections from various light sources which cloud lens clarity and transparency. Back-side reflections, front-light reflections, reflections from digital screens affect lens performance, making eyeglasses less appealing.

With 99.4% light transmission, Satin Azure UV enhances the cosmetic appeal of the lenses by reducing disturbing reflections from the front and back of the lenses, ensuring clear and sharp vision all day long. With such level of clarity there is less impact in daily postures and habits of the wearers of eyeglasses. Also with enhanced lens transparency the eyeglasses look pristine, so one can look better and pose better for photos.

This premium AR coating comes with 7 more additional benefits, such as UV protection, water repellence, scratch resistant, smudge resistant, anti-static property and extended durability, thus making the lenses all the more user-friendly.


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