Bolt UV++ Lens From Suprol – Complete Blue Light Protection For Eyes

The lens is available in Rx single vision and digital progressives

Bolt UV++ comes with the award-winning Electra coating
Bolt UV++ comes with the award-winning Electra coating

Digital devices have become an integral part of our lives. According to a survey, more than one third of adults spend more than half of their waking hours using a digital device. This leads to many physical complications including eye strain, body ache, head ache, blurred vision, dry eyes, etc. It can further lead to retinal damage, loss of sleep, exhaustion and more such complications. The reason behind all this is the blue light which is emitted not only by the sun, but also by these devices. It is therefore crucial to ensure complete protection from these harmful rays.

In keeping in mind the urgency, Suprol has introduced the Bolt UV++ lens that blocks harmful blue light. Bolt UV++ lenses are made from a blue block material that blocks all harmful blue radiation, providing the best UV and blue light protection for eyes. Since the material itself blocks blue light, it doesn’t have just a coating, the lens retains the property as long as it is in use. Interestingly, Bolt UV++ lets the healthier blue-turquoise light in, which helps in proper colour perception, good attention levels, wakefulness and the modulation of melatonin production.

Bolt UV++ comes with the award-winning Electra coating, and is currently available in Rx single vision and digital progressives.


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