Okia Thinks Green!

OKIA unveils new eco-friendly High Definition Acetate

4OKIA, the Hong Kong based eyewear company known for its patented HDA® Technology – has announced the official launch of Bio HDA®, a new eco-friendly High Definition Acetate.

Bio HDA® is made of Bio CA, a biopolymer deriving from renewable resources.

Bio CA base material is a cellulose acetate mixed with a sustainable softener obtained from plant oils. Extrusion and injection are the two processes through which Bio CA can be produced.

Bio CA is an approved food contact material and guarantees low carbon emissions during 2.1manufacture. Moreover, it is phthalate-free and 100% biodegradable, thus offering a frame material alternative that helps the environment while keeping high quality features.

Offering the same mechanical properties of traditional CA as well as its pleasant silky touch, Bio CA can be combined with HDA® Technology to obtain Bio HDA®, a revolutionary product that represents the perfect mix between fashion and environmental sustainability. Bio HDA® allows various applications with extraordinary outcomes on eyewear. Unlimited colours and graphics can be achieved through this eco-friendly product, thus enabling the expression of one’s creativity and imagination respecting nature.


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