Selling High Value Progressive Addition Lenses Is Still A Tough Gig

Ajay Kr Bhootra, Optometrist and Novelist explains simple but overpowering tactics to sell high value progressive lenses

It is always nice to learn more about the tactics in the business in order to make improvements. Have it all from Mr Ajay K Bhootra, who explains overpowering techniques to successfully sell high value progressive lenses.

Ajay Kr Bhootra:

You know, in this part I’m going to talk about the strategies that I used to sell high value progressive lenses to my customer successfully and I did it over, and over and over again. I want to pull back the curtain to reveal some of them to you all.

BUT let me make few things clear. If you apply my techniques in your practice the amount of success that you will get is directly proportional to…..

  1. Your willingness to learn and apply new techniques.
  2. Your effort to innovate and add to your own knowledge.
  3. Your ability to weave a powerful techy sales jargon in front of your customer.
  4. Your confidence and commitment to achieve desired results.

Before I go ahead to pull back the curtain, I’ve a quick question for all of you:

What is the biggest factor that creates a stumbling block in developing skills to sell high value progressive lenses successfully?

SellingIf your answer to my question is “Attitude of the sales person” as I also mentioned in my previous article “The Formula 3/5. Why is it so important?” Then I’m afraid you are not correct.

That was for sunglass selling. Please understand selling sunglasses is absolutely a different ball game than selling high premium progressive lenses. You don’t sell high value progressive lenses for their functional benefits, nor do you sell for fashion factors. You sell high value progressive addition lenses for the “added values” that your customer would enjoy by using them.

So the answer is “your own ability to process and apply information”.  Well, that’s my way of thinking, you may have different answer.

Isn’t it sounding crazy?

Nobody has ever talked about it before. You know, even I also find it difficult to believe when somebody told me about it in one of the training sessions that I attended. Initially, I had hesitation, but I asked myself, “Why don’t I work out my own ways around what that coach is talking about?”

So I went on a little rampage.

I started enquiring lens manufacturer, I started collecting information from the brochures that the lens manufacturer gave me and worked upon that information to create strategy to present high value progressive lenses to my customers.Selling

Let’s take some examples:

Varilux 4-D Progressive Lenses

Varilux 4-D is a revolutionary true customised progressive lens that is based upon Eye Code Data. Eye Code Data is the new reference for Pupillary Distance, Fitting Height and Vertex Distance. The lenses are designed and customised for your two eyes that provide you 4-Dimensional advantages:

  • Customisation to your prescription, minimising the effect of lens aberrations within the viewing areas of progressive addition lens
  • Customisation for the position of wear, to improve visual performance of lens that provides maximum acuity and symmetrical viewing zones through the lens
  • Customisation for the frame shape and size, allows the optics of the lens design to take full advantage of the available lens area and maximize the near and distance vision utility
  • Biometric customisation, the lens so designed adapts to the individual wearer, instead the wearer adapting to the lens
  • What you get, you get a pair of lens that is unique for your eyes and also enhances overall visual responses with progressive lenses
  • Improves reflex vision, that also provides visual stability when moving
  • Improves clear vision through the central viewing zones as well as through paracentral zones
  • Improves dynamic vision
  • Allows faster adaptation
  • Reduces muscle fatigue

Varilux S series

Varilux S series is the result of two breakthrough technology – Nanoptix Technology and SynchronEyes. Nanoptix entirely redesigns the fundamental structure of the lenses during their calculation, opening up new degrees of freedom that reengineers each element of lens and virtually eliminates the swim effect that you usually find in most other progressive lenses. Instead of considering the lens as a whole shape, Varilux S series is the first lens to be calculated from thousands of tiny virtual elements. SynchronEyes Technology optimizes binocular vision to provide wide angle vision. It takes into account the physiological differences between the two eyes: the optical design for a given eye, takes into account the prescription of the other eye, to guarantee similar retinal images between the two eyes.

The revolutionary lens virtually eliminates the swim effect for a better equilibrium in motion and optimizes binocular fields of vision for wide angle vision. You get a pair of lenses that provide you flawless vision and also ensure that you don’t feel wary when you go down the stairs or move your head.

Varilux 3 Physio NE 360

Physio NE 360 progressive lens design uses the CAP Control and WAVE 2 Technology that controls and minimizes the effect of COMA aberrations. Power Control technology ensures that there is no buffer area below Near Power Circle. The application Axis control technology at the unwanted astigmatic zone ensures that the width of intermediate vision zone is increased by appr 30%. The lens provides you improved night vision and also enhances depth of near vision.

Varilux Comfort

Varilux Comfort lens com­bines the advantages of both hard and soft design together. It is designed ergonomically to maintain wearer’s natural body and head positions together with the habitual reading distance. The near zone in Varilux Comfort is positioned higher than most other progressive. As a result most users do not have to lower their eyes as much as they need to do with other progressive lens design. The result is that the user can reach the reading portion more easily and quickly without making unusual posture. What it means is that you enjoy the benefits of wider near areas that you can feel with larger lateral eye movement. It also reduces the head movement. Enough to reduce neck strain.

Nikon Presio “W” Progressive Lens

Backed with the strong brand value of Nikon, Presio “W” Progressive Lens is world’s one of the most advanced progressive lens design. It uses Dual Power Progressive Design technology which means progressive surface is on the front side of the lens and the back side of the lens is designed to cancel the aberrations of the front surface progressive design. The lens uses Back Filtration Technology that generates a “Power Aberration Filter Surface” to optimize the lens design and minimizes the effect of distorted zones of the front side progressive lens design. The lens provides enhanced corridor or channel of clear vision, smooth power transition from distance to near and improved overall global performance of the lens. The lens ensures that adaptation is quicker and smoother.

Based on my own experience, I can say that there is a crying need to look at selling techniques of high end progressive lens; it cannot be achieved by using the old and traditional methods. Each design or brand needs to be looked at individually so that it can be presented to the prospect uniquely. Powerful communication coupled with digital demonstration is critical to establish a meaningful differentiation in the customer’s mind.

To be continued……

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