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Floral prints inspired by the beauty of nature have been leaving their prints on the evolution of fashion trends, every now and then. From apparels to eyewear, leading designers have reinterpreted floral prints time and again to create mesmerising designs

Fashion holds its repute to change styles in a jiffy especially more if it concerns the prints. But there are still some prints that can be called eternal and timeless, because they have already been in vogue for several decades. Fabrics and accessories with such prints will always be trending, making it a must-have for fashion aficionados.

Checks, polka dots, stripes and animalistic prints have been and will always be there but there’s one print that compares favourably with all of these, because it accents the femininity and beauty, subtlely yet impressively. We’re talking about floral prints. A perennial favourite, floral prints seem to have found a romantic revival on the fashion runways, if one looks at the fashion trends of 2015/2016 blending beautifully with the bohemian retro style. It goes without saying that just as apparels with floral prints are very much in vogue now, accessories like handbags and eyewear in the same style are also quite popular.

Gucci GG3699N

Floral printed eyewear

Be it summer or winter, you can’t be seen without a pair of fashionable eyewear, sunglasses in most cases. And as luck or rather the current fashion trends may have it, these days everything from floral printed frames to heavily flower embossed designs and beautiful bright colours, are a part of eyewear accessories.

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From the bold petal pink frames to the more subtle earthy prints, the eyewear fashion circuit is bursting with some really pretty options to choose from when it comes to floral styles. Inspired by the beauty of nature and spring-time floral spreads, these eyewear add an element of freshness to the overall aesthetic appearance.

Let’s take a look at what leading brands are offering in floral printed eyewear.

Dolce & Gabbana

The summer collection by the eternal adherents of classical femininity, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, rivets the attention with the help of a unique collection of floral printed eyewear frames, which is reminiscent of colourful creamy cakes decorated with marzipan figurines. It’s almost like a celebration of your eyewear!

These two geniuses of the fashion industry looked for their inspiration in the cultural heritage of Italy: according to their intention, the roses on the frames are supposed to be associated with the Capodimonte’s porcelain statuettes and Sicilian marzipan candies.

All the decorations are hand-made, which makes these glasses even more special. Also the unique Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses are decorated with wonderful flowers and bees and butterflies. This eyewear collection is notable for fantastic flowers made with Swarovski crystals with amazing precious stone encrusted designs in the shape of bees or butterflies.

Heidi London

If it’s important to you to add some freshness and romance to your style, the floral printed frames offered by Heidi London are an excellent choice. Each design is inspired by the slogan of the collection which talks about each acetate frame being hand-made and embedded with carefully chosen floral designs.

No wonder that George Clooney’s lovely wife Amal prefers eyewear from Heidi London’s Flower Power collection. For one of the most elegant models of this collection, Floral Embedded Square glasses, floral petals give an unexpected touch of nature and represent the emotion of unadulterated love. In addition to the design, each pair is uniquely different ensuring it represents the wearers refined taste in eyewear.


Next in the category of floral prints are the impressive eyewear designs by Gucci. Sophisticatedly inventive is the key differentiating element of the stylish designs by Gucci. Many models from Gucci’s eyewear collection reinterpret the floral designs with a refined taste of fashion resulting in an adornment of beauty in every piece.

Gucci’s latest spring summer collection for this year consists of sunglasses with cat-eye frame shape that are decorated with an emerald, bright-orange and plum floral print and will be perfect for the woman who wants to stand out in a crowd. Another collection worth mentioning in this category is Flora Garden. The eyewear in this collection includes small floral adornments in the corner of the frames, taking the appearance of the regular eyewear from ordinary to extraordinary in no time at all.

Emilio Pucci EP0012

Emilio Pucci

The Fall Winter Eyewear Collection for 2015/2016 includes sunglasses and optical frames that are a consummate reflection of the true Emilio Pucci spirit in terms of the trendy shapes and fine detailing set within a sublime marriage of retro style and impeccable craftsmanship. This detailing in design is what strikes the chord with dynamic, modern and stylish women. Combining cat-eye shapes with floral prints, the Fantasy Acetate Frame Cat-Eye Sunglasses by Emilio Pucci create a beautiful visual impression. The women’s collection created by Pucci includes sunglasses and optical frames in an artistic and modern demonstration of just how stunning eyewear can be. Popular model names by Pucci in this category include Butterfly, Zadig, Flower Power, Vivara and Peonia. The popularity of these models is beautifully explained through their strikingly attractive appearance.

Vera Wang

There’s no denying the fact that sunglasses with floral printed frames are a smash-hit. Vera Wang in one of her recent interviews described three things she considered to be “necessary luxuries” which included her favourite book, donut and beautiful sunglasses. The Fall 2015 Vera Wang Eyewear Collection is another example of elegant shades which also includes the sunglasses with amazing floral printed frames like Vera Wang Perrine sunglasses. The floral frames from this collection stagger with their blend of creativity and quality.


Probably the first thing which comes to mind when one thinks of summer is the riot of colour and of course the beautiful flowers that start to decorate the landscape. Though floral prints are reminiscent of spring-time celebrations, they work equally well on an autumn day as well. From clothes to eyewear, DKNY stands tall on this belief. Multi-coloured frames backed with floral prints on cool, slender arms that sport a stately kind of class belonging to bygone eras. DKNY glasses are created for urban, fashion-conscious men and women with multifaceted lifestyles.


And if you want to add some Italian glam to your look you’ll probably prefer Valentino eyewear. Gorgeous Valentino glasses are trendy and smooth and perfectly complement bright personalities, for their casual as well as professional look. Valentino’s Women’s Aviator Silver-Tone sunglasses serve a perfect example of the combination of sophistication and taste in its eyewear designs. But if you prefer something more colourful, Camouflage Butterfly sunglasses by Valentino are also a great choice. Thanks to an incredible combination of the tropical butterflies and sweet flowers on the eyewear’s frame, this model looks extremely stunning. With these, the desire for retro becomes even more obvious.

Floral prints in eyewear are gradually emerging as a popular style and even though many of the brands are offering it with a premium price tag, given the glamour that it adds to the wearer’s personality, the investment seems to be definitely worth it!

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