Star Studded Eyewear

What you need today is beautiful clothes, loud heels, stylish handbag and, of course, attractive eyewear to complete a stunning look. Those who really want to be fashionably dressed are aware of the latest eyewear fashion rage. The embellished eyewear, to be more exact

The adornment of the eyewear frames has recently become very popular among world-famous designers. It’s logical, because the right embellishment of the glasses’ frames gives a wonderful opportunity to show exactly the image  you’ve chosen in all its charm and glory. Such frames dwell the public attention to the eyes, adding some mystery and and smartness to the image of those who wear them. Everyone has already used that all the leading designers do their best in order to adorn the fashion world with their creativity, especially when it comes to the eyewear frames. Thus, the world-famous D&G has recently presented the new eyewear Mama’s Brocade Special Collection, which is distinguished by its unbelievable and unusual embellishment of the eyewear frames. This collection is very bold and differs radically from its predecessors. Just one gaze at these fashionable glasses adorned with Swarovski crystals will make you fall in love with them forever. No wonder that D&G has got the reputation of being one of the leading and most successful brands in the fashion industry.

Trends-DG4275H 574 87At the same time we have to admit that other brands don’t want to lag behind at all, that’s why we have such a various range of the most beautiful eyewear one could ever imagine, presented by a lot of top brands. Some of them are daring, another are sophisticated, and others combine these two qualities, which is really hard to imagine. Nevertheless, tastes differ, and the designers do everything possible so that every person could find the special eyewear, which can become not just a part of the well thought-out image, but a perfect good, so that you will be comparing all your other glasses to this very one.

Anna-Karin Karlsson

Refined taste, exquisite pleasure and extraordinary stile: Anna-Karin Karlsson keeps combining these three essential features in order to create unique and perfect eyewear. This Swedish brand connects daring art and unsurpassed skill. “Art” for the well-known designer isn’t just an empty word, and she doesn’t get tired proving it to those who appreciate fashion and style. The eyewear accessories, created by Anna-Karin Karlsson, balance between kitsch and chic. They turn to be so independent and unusual, that will easily become the main basis of your image. This amazing brand made every fashionable print and every fashionable adorn a reality. Beautiful flowers blossomed out on the frames; a gorgeous leopard, playful lizards and even a horse seem to feel really cozy on the frames, too. Some of the frames are incredibly embellished with Swarovski crystals; others are notable for their unusual shape. Perhaps it might seem risky, but it’s definitely very impressive.

Daniel Swarovski

If you prefer something more restrained and not less stunning at the same time, you should pay attention to the brand which name speaks for itself and doesn’t need to be introduced: Swarovski. The resent eyewear collection of this respectable brand distinguishes itself for its sophistication and quality. This absolutely feminine collection is created special for those connoisseurs of fashion who Trends- sk0103_52flike to absorb the admiring attention of public. The glitter of Swarovski crystals, which embellishes the new eyewear collection of the same name, adds some special charm to the glasses. Take for instance the Swarovski Couture Edition model: its square frame is ornamented with the splendid shining crystals of various form and colour. That’s why it seems that the word “elegance” was invented just for the description of this very eyewear. This is a gorgeous example of the unsurpassed craftsmanship and exclusive jewellery art, both combined in order to help you leaving an unforgettable impression. There’s no denying the fact that Swarovski eyewear will be the best accessory you could only dream about.


Does the Devil really wear Prada? If he wants to be in trend, than he definitely does. Because this brand is able to conquer the hearts even of the most hard-to-please customers, let alone the very Devil. Prada has always been the indicator of tastefulness, magnificence and, let’s admit it all frankness, irreproachable sense of style. If you wear Prada, it says a lot about you, indeed, because the Italian fashion never lets anyone down. The eyewear of this brand seems to be outwardly restrained, but only prima facie. You will hardly be able to find the similar example in the world of fashion, where the easiness and luxury are combined in such a successful way. Pay attention to the Prada Ornate Eyewear: the sides of the spectacles are put into shape of curls, which adds the fantastic lightness to the glasses. On the other hand, the luxurious precious stones visually weight the eyewear in some way, making it inimitable in its beauty. Retro style and the combination of black and white colours only complete the whole image.

Miu Miu

If we spoke about Prada, we can’t ignore its daughter company Miu Miu as well. At the time when Prada seem to be more restrain in its colour score, Miu Miu is definitely more emancipated. A flight of imagination, unprecedented lightness and boldness, irrepressible desire – if you feel that these are the things your style lacks for, than MU-08RS-TV1_4K0you have to add the Miu Miu eyewear to it in order to make it complete. These glasses are out of the ordinary in their very nature, that’s why they are highlighted so much in the crowd. Just take a look at the Miu Miu Embellished Cat’s- Eye Sunglasses, and you will understand everything yourself, because this kind of the eyewear is like a breath of fresh air in the fashion industry. The frame can be any colour you want, and the embellishment of this eyewear is totally loveable. Small golden bows with crystals on both sides of the frame add some sort of savour to your whole image, absorbing the overall attention to your eyes.

Jimmy Choo

What names do we usually give to the destructive hurricanes and shattering typhoons? Though it seems to be the universal injustice, we usually give them women’s names, because the woman’s nature always dominates. Sophia, Megan, Ines, Keira, Cindy… These are not only the beautiful women’s names; these are the names the famous brand Jimmy Choo used for his marvellous eyewear models. Jimmy Choo dedicated the new collection to the women because of the gracefulness and delicacy inherent in them. This collection burst into the fashion world like the hurricane and left no chance to resist it. Embellished with crystals of any size the Jimmy Choo frames became the real personification of the luxury spirit. Speaking about the range of the ornamented glasses, there’s one model, which, beyond any doubt, deserves the special attention: Sophia. Perhaps, this particular eyewear got its name not accidentally. One of the variants of this name is Sonia, which consonants with “sonā” in the Hindi language, meaning “gold”. This eyewear, embellished with the cascade of small glittering crystals, leaves an impression as if the frame is made of gold.

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