Silhouette Brings Back The 80s

The most colourful of decades is enjoying a well-deserved revival.

A dazzling era is celebrating a full-on comeback. Casual and sporty, yet always dressed to impress: 80s style is back and better than ever in today’s fashion world. For both women and men, this season is all about vamping up your wardrobe by pairing vintage pieces with hip new styles. Basics serve as a backdrop for building cool, sporty looks. And there are plenty of eye-catching pieces to be found, whether new or not, bought from the boutique, from a second-hand shop, from a vintage flea market or grabbed from your cool aunt’s closet. The newly reborn 80s style is also extremely adaptable. Just a few slight adjustments, and you can easily turn casual into business casual.

The white t-shirt is your ideal starting point. Match it with a high-waisted pair of washed-out jeans, some cool sports socks and white sneakers. Tuck the top loosely into your pants. A brown or black leather belt adds an interesting texture. Of course, this classic power look would not be complete without an oversized black blazer with padded shoulders. And, top it all off with the perfect choice of eyewear.

Rimless glasses from the Silhouette Blend collection have exactly what it takes to capture the sporty, casual style of the 80s revival. Their smooth, minimalistic designs are made from a striking combination of high-end titanium and SPX®+. The collection includes six stunning new models each for men and women, with stylish shapes ranging from classic to extravagant to ultramodern. Whether you like your lenses square or round, small or oversized, there’s something here for everyone. Be sure to round out your look with a choice of elegant accessories. A beautiful wristwatch, a gold chain and thin hoop earrings are always a welcome addition.

The key is to combine 80s nostalgia with modern style to create something truly unique. This business look is bursting with timeless charm, with a heavy dose of sporty cool. Mix and match to your heart’s content, and remember: the 80s were not only about looking good, but also feeling good!

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