Neon: The New Fad

Bright colours are the trend of the season and this is leading to neon shades making their presence felt on fashion runways across the globe…

AdobeStock_62484991New York, Abu Dhabi, Vancouver, Tokyo – we are all attracted to these cities like butterflies are attracted to the firelight. Overall, have you ever thought what strikes you the most when you’re thinking about these megapolises? What grabs your attention when you stand in the centre of Madison Square Garden? Hundreds of malls, billions of lights and of course the bright neon signs which are impossible to avoid, isn’t it?

The bright neon colours go a long way in creating the cosmopolitan image we always associate with big cities and thus with movement, life and luxury. To put it simply, all you need is a flash of fluorescent to add the much needed dash of glamour and sophistication.

The neon effect

It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do – sometimes everyone feels the lack of colour in their lives. That’s why there must be at least one item in your wardrobe which raises your spirit as soon as you look at it, not to mention put it on.

Kaos KK377
Kaos KK377

Bright, stylish, suitable for black, white and colour outfits – neon eyewear is this very thing. If there’s an accessory that can be cheerful or that adds the spirit of liveliness to your style statement, neon eyewear is exactly that kind.

Neon glasses are not just bold but they also complement irrespective of the range of colours that you choose. What is more, neon eyewear has become the pink of fashion, which means that a lot of celebrities prefer this very kind of glasses. Such sunglasses not only arrest everyone’s attention, but also perfectly supplement any casual outfit.

Celeb style

Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr and Isla Fisher are amongst the many devoted connoisseurs of this fashion trend. These ladies have often been spotted patronising the neon eyewear styles.

Clearly, they must have an impressive collection of eyewear in a wide range of neon colours by the most well known eyewear brands like the stylish Ray-Ban and Polaroid, sporty Oakley and Port 51, glamorous Dolce & Gabbana and Yves Saint Laurent.

But they aren’t the only ones who adore neon eyewear. For example, Jessica Biel is often seen wearing several pairs of neon sunglasses, including yellow and light green ones. As for Heidi Klum, she seems to prefer bright yellow eyewear, and clearly it amplifies her style really well.

In addition to that, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughter Rumer has also been spotted with bright neon Carrera shades during one of her public appearances. Another celebrity who has been spotted endorsing the neon trend is the American actress Selma Blair.Her style clearly shows that she adores neon green cat-eyed sunglasses.

It’s not just the female celebrities that are seen endorsing the neon eyewear trend, even their male counterparts are often seen wearing stylish neon coloured frames, on various occasions. For instance, Jared Leto and Robert Pattinson also seem to prefer to embrace the popular neon eyewear trend.

Neon eyewear can remind you of a lots of things. It isn’t necessarily associated only with retro style. Neon colours are bright, daring and bold; they scream of summer, rest and vacations even in the middle of severe winter. They have definitely come back to fashion life, and it’s high time you paid attention to them.

The Designers’ Creations

Designer eyewear is no longer just an off-shoot of a brand’s core business. It is growing fast and as a result fashion lovers are getting a chance to see a surge of creativity when it comes to eyewear.

Neon eyewear is also one of the latest offerings in this category. In fact, neon eyewear has recently emerged as the popular pick with a lot of fashion houses presenting their innovations in eyewear fashion by introducing stylish models with a shot of neon colours. Neon is thus making the collections more interesting and enchanting.

Sama Syd
Sama Syd

Unconventional, fashionable, freshening – these are a couple of words in the English language that can help in the description of Matthew Williamson’s promising eyewear collection when one talks about neon eyewear. He is one of those exceptional designers who prefer not only bright neon colours for their marvelous eyewear products, but are also known to create glasses of unusual shapes.

His conceptual leanings helped the designer to create Neon Pink Heptagon Sunglasses, distinguished for their unusual shape. Moreover, collaborating with eyewear guru Linda Farrow the famous designer’s collection has also been supplemented by Optical Frame Glasses (whose frames are prominently flashing the neon tinge) and Mirror Aviator Eyewear (where again the highlight is the neon sides of spectacles of different bright colours).

In addition to that, Linda Farrow is thought to be the guru of eyewear not accidently. Every wardrobe must definitely have room for a pair of this brand’s sunglasses, and not only because they match practically with everything.

Linda Farrow collaborates with a lot of famous designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Philipp Lim seeking for perfection which also speaks for the high quality of the products.

Linda Farrow went ahead to present an entire line of neon spectacles. For instance, Fluorescent Acetate Curved Square Sunglasses in different bright colours seem to be very simple, but that is only at first sight. What can be better than simplicity blended with design perfection? Clearly, the designer eyewear in this category is reminiscent of the spirit of spring, youth and love.

Sama, known for its designer eyewear also has some impressive options in this category. One such model is Syd. A modern reinterpretation of the classic aviator style, this eyewear adds the much needed dash of glamour to a person’s appearance. Another cool eyewear is by Kaos. The model KK377 expresses the spirit of a unique style. Even Lacoste has some interesting options in this category. For instance, L790SOG model is a beautiful blend of bright colours. The stylish sunglasses make for an excellent fashion accessory.

Cutler & Gross

Lacoste L790SOG
Lacoste L790SOG

When it comes to the British sense of fashion, people often think of it as extremly sophisticated and yet exquisite. In fact, British fashion boasts of both exquisiteness and restraint with its imagination in order to create a new level of sophistication when it comes to eyewear fashion. In this category, Cutler and Gross eyewear is a brand that seems to love to experiment.

For example, its Print&Neon collection smoothly puts together neon and print patterns making this daring combination so harmonious that it is sure to catch the eye of a fashion connoisseur.

Karen Walker

Karen Walker is another designer who also became overwhelmed by the wave of neon eyewear. The New Zealand brand introduced its own newness into the fashionable trend by presenting its sunglasses line called Northern Lights which introduces the world to neon lights of Wellington beautifully captured in sunglasses.

The eyewear seems to be specially created for those who want to add a bit of retro mood to their style. Neon yellow frame combined with oversized cat-eye shape is like a time machine for those who admired energetic Nicole Kidman in The Stepford Wives or sincere Julia Roberts in Mona Lisa Smile. Atmospheric movies demand atmospheric outfits, don’t they?

Italia Independent

One can’t do without true Italian stylishness and gloss for sure. Italia Independent claims to represent both. Italia Independent Neon Round-Framed Mirrored Sunglasses are a gorgeous example that demonstrates a successful combination of leopard print and neon iridescent colours.

Together with the mirrored lenses, this eyewear shows impressive retro fascination. Moreover, this brand also presents other impressive colours that make the eyewear models in this category an impressive fashion statement. The beauty of these sunglasses is in their exquisite Italian charm and laborious designers’ work.


Oakley - Crosslink Zero
Oakley – Crosslink Zero

Another representative of Italian neon fashion is Oakley. This brand is mostly recognisable for its sports style, that’s why neon eyewear presented by Oakley seem to be inspired by the idea to move, hasten and live fully.

The tinge of neon in Oakley’s Crosslink Zero model makes for a good example in this category. This men’s eyewear is both rough and light at the same time making it a popular choice amongst the wearers.

Poppy Delevingne in FF 0177S by Fendi


With neon making big strides in eyewear fashion, various designer labels including Fendi are introducing their own interpretation of this trend. For instance, the FF0177S in Fendi is a beautiful blend of style and sophistication. The impressive touch of neon in the eyewear adds a hint of glamour and sophistication to the overall aesthetic appeal. The stylish eyewear by Fendi seems to be popular amongst celebrities as well. Just recently, British model Poppy Delevingne was spotted wearing this style in a different colour.

Neon for kids

J.F.Rey Kids - OYANA7080
J.F.Rey Kids – OYANA7080

Neon being a trending choice in adult eyewear, is a very well known fact. But, not many may be aware that this trend is making its presence felt in the kids eyewear section as well.

Thanks to this increasing penetration of neon trends, many brands are coming forth with impressive collections in this category. Even for kids JF Rey has some really stylish options in this category, for instance, the OYANA 7080 model. In addition to the neon streak, the models stands out for its design that is in accordance to the needs of the little ones.

Another notable brand is OGI. At the forefront of contemporary optical design, OGI intorduced the 9206 model. By fusing

OGI 9206
OGI 9206

sophisticated textures with vibrant colours, the model introduces a fun and flattering combination frame in captivating colours. With its rectangular cat-eye shape it makes for a vibrant frame that will look smart for any occasion.

In fact, there are a lot of celebrity kids who are often seen wearing pretty neon glasses, further reiterating the growing popularity of this fashion statement.

Given the extensive options that one can see in this category, the popular neon coloured eyewear is clearly here to stay.

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