Oakley Welcomes The Year Of The Dragon

The Oakley 2024 Lunar New Year Collection, celebrates the rich tradition of welcoming the good and the new in Chinese culture

Drawing inspiration from the powerful spirit of the Wood Dragon, the Chinese Zodiac of 2024, the collection encourages wearers to depart from tradition and boldly embrace the future. 

The four-piece 2024 Lunar New Year Collection reimagines two iconic eyewear styles, Holbrook® and Sutro, each outfitted with fiery Prizm™ 24K lenses and a custom microbag adorned with a hand-drawn dragon logo print.

The styles feature a captivating geometrical pattern on their stems, symbolizing lunar shadows and moon phases derived from the lunar calendar, and a distinctive Lunar Dragon logo adorning the lens. The collection is complete with Line Miner™ Goggles with Prizm™ Snow Torch, also equipped with the signature geometrical pattern on the strap, and MOD1 helmet, with hand-drawn dragon logos on the temples. 

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