Everybody Can Be So Dutz!

Embrace vibrant hues and timeless elegance with the Dutz 2024 Spring Collection. The focus this season is on incorporating a diverse range of designs such as cat-eye and round shapes and updated interpretations of classic styles, to offer a comprehensive selection that appeals to different tastes and preferences. Each frame embodies a blend of modern designs with timeless appeal, accentuating individual style statements.

Cat-eye frames are a classic style that has never really gone out of fashion. In 2024, cat-eye frames are getting a modern update with bolder shapes and brighter colours to elevate the classic cat-eye style. Model DZ2324 offers a modern twist while staying true to the iconic cat-eye look.

Circular frames evoke a nostalgic charm and offer a whimsical twist to modern fashion. These frames express nostalgia while adding a modern touch thanks to their classic form and are a fun throwback to classic design. Model DZ868-65, in fiery red with grey accents, is a bold and stylish choice. 

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