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When it comes to eyewear, rad and re-defined pastel hues reflect the desire to de-stress and still look fashionable

Boss Orange BO0251S
Boss Orange BO0251S

It’s that time of the year when your Instagram feeds are usually crowded with stylish models wearing the best of outfits and glamorous year. We are in the eighth month and this is the time when the parade of designer runway shows, front row fashionistas and celebrity filled after-parties are in the headlines. And amidst all this fashion news, one can’t help but notice the emerging eyewear fashion trends- pastel colours.

From pastel hues in frames to the pastel shades in lenses, the subtle colours are making their presence felt. The soft and ethereal colours are emerging as a style statement in eyewear fashion. When you say sweet, creamy, airy, you’ll probably think of marshmallows, candy floss and strawberry cheesecake. This isn’t the description of a delicious French pudding made by a notable chef.  On the contrary, it’s a description of the growing prominence of pastel colours in eyewear fashion.

Salvatore Ferragamo SF778S
Salvatore Ferragamo

These shades are used by fashion houses to make wonderful outfits, handbags, scarves and now even eyewear. And despite the fact that bright colours are considered to be in trend this season, pastel shades have won the hearts of audience during Milan, Paris and other fashion shows. This year, the sesonal trends are sure to be heavily inspired by the pastel
colour palettes.

What’s so tempting about pastel sunglasses is the fact that they instantaneously give any outfit a refreshingly modern feel. Eyewear designers have gone ahead and experimented with shapes, making pastel eyewear a signature look for many celebrities. While shapes such as round, cat-eye, square and hexagonal frames will be the buzz in the upcoming season, we will surely see a lot of pastels too.

It is all about love and romance

L.G.R Elizabeth
L.G.R Elizabeth

Pastel shades have been a central accent in the recent collections by leading fashion houses for several seasons in a row. And eyewear is no exception to this trend. The pastel version of pink is the colour that has won a lot of prominence and popularity in this category. This colour is reminiscent of the emotion of love and is often a preferred choice for those who prefer a subtle yet impressive style statement.

Moreover, this colour can’t look fresher, more aristocratic and noble than it does now when it is paired with the modern eyewear styles. Celebrities such as Mischa Barton, Scarlett Johansson and Taylor Swift prefer to wear powder pink eyewear and it surely accentuates their natural beauty.

An excellent example of eyewear in this category is Elizabeth by L.G.R, the famous Italian eyewear brand. Its smooth lines, soft pink colour and hidden elegance lend an aesthetic appeal to the model. Elizabeth helps bring a spark to the eyes even if one is really tired after a long day at work. Fashionistas love pink and Elizabeth’s matte pink frame will definitely melting their hearts.

Pastel hues are not just making moves in eyewear frames but lenses too. If you’re looking for charm and glory, take a look at the RC975S eyewear model by Roberto Cavalli. The model is inspired by fine jewellery and features delicate metal frames. The stylish eyewear is aviator-shaped and embellished with Swarovski micro crystals in a hexagonal design that extends from the frame front to the temples. A snake’s head detail decorates the sides of the frame front and the ends of the temples.

Miu Miu MU53RS
Miu Miu MU53RS

Classic elegance and romanticism take shape in large, structured frames with sinuous profiles framing the softly rounded lenses by Miu Miu. The MU 53R model by the brand infuses femininity with its soft notes of pastel colours and cat-eye shape. Irrespective of the attire, the pastel eyewear is surely known to enhance style statements.

If your wearer associates the colour pink with a sophisticated statement, don’t miss MCM Maxim sunglasses. What can be more modern than this women’s eyewear model that has a boxy, lightweight metal design, while the brow lines and temples feature an acetate insert customised with a visetos pattern. This eyewear perfectly suits those women who want to emphasise on their daring confidence but want to do so subtly.


The irresistible charm

Another marvellous colour when it comes to pastel shades in eyewear is milky blue. The subtle yet sophisticated colour owns its origin to the Cinderella diaries. From the fancy fairy tales to the sophisticated fashion runways and stylish eyewear, this colour has surely come a long way. Thanks to Prada’s exquisite pleated dress that Lupita Nyong’o wore to receive her deserved Oscar, nowadays we call that colour Nairobi blue.

L.G.R. has some more interesting options for this shade in pastel colour palette. To start with, there is the Nairobi Crystal Grey Matt sunglasses. This wayfarer model with blue mirror polarised lenses and almost transparent frame is light and beautiful. Nothing more, nothing less. In addition to that, being handmade, this eyewear not only signifies the very essence of understanding Italian beauty but also ends up being a style statement for the wearer.

Another classic eyewear brand, Orgreen, has Edward 477 that may be simply called a paradoxical example of the growing prominence of pastel shades. On one hand, it contains Danish restraint and coldness. On the other hand, its dragonfly blue frame leaves a stylish impression of imponderability and lightness. Orgreen calls it dragonfly blue not in vain: it really seems to be as refined and graceful
as a dragonfly.

Scavin Fuel collection
Scavin Fuel collection

One more example in the category of pastel shades in eyewear fashion is the Fuel collection by Scavin. The new collection has pastel coloured sunglasses that have a unique, contemporary design and fine detailing. The sunglasses reflect the brand’s elegance and fashionable attitude, blending retro inspirations with the latest fashion trends to create a unique, timeless style. They are designed for people who want to astonish and be astonished, viewing the world from behind their glasses.

The styles are embellished with pastel nuances and fine textures. Delicate silhouettes reflect the tradition of excellence, the savoir-faire and flawless craftsmanship. Each pair comes with dual metal hinges and light tint polycarbonate UV400 protected lenses. These sunglasses and optical frames are made from laminated embossed handmade acetate.

The sunglasses are available in alluring pastel colours of blue, beige and pink with gold metal temples and shaded brown lenses.

Refreshing breeze of pepper mint

Pepper mint colour is relatively new in the world of fashion, that’s why fashion lovers can’t get bored with it. Mint eyewear tops off any look regardless the season we speak about. It’s associated with the flourishing growth of nature in spring, warmth and pleasant breeze in summer, soft leaf fall in autumn and crispy snow in winter. No wonder celebrities like, Katy Perry, Alice Eve and Lily Aldridge were spotted wearing this pastel shade of sunglasses during their recent public appearance

Some avant-garde examples in this category are the models by British fashion label, Cutler&Gross. Their 1216 SPM model is an impressive option in this category. The fine detailing in the model makes it sophisticated and imposing at the same time. Its mint frame with dark round lenses make it capable of becoming the top smart accent of any ensemble one chooses.

Lulu Guinness L865
Lulu Guinness L865

For those looking to impress with a distinct style statement, Lulu Guinness Eyewear line has some really different models. This fashion house claims to encapsulate the essence of British fashion well. Lulu loves to experiment and that’s how the brand came up with mint L865. Smart, stylish, classy and unusual, the model goes well with formal as well as casual attire. Mint is mixed with animal print and polka dots, but everything is in moderation that’s why the eyewear doesn’t look kitschy. On the contrary, it looks just adorable and it’s able to express ones individuality.

Bringing harmony

Lavender is widely known as a beautiful flower whose marvelous fragrance strikes anyone who smells it and whose oil is indispensable for your skin. Its colour rivets everyone’s attention and looks great on the face. That’s why eyewear fashion designers like using this pastel shade for their models: it’s tender and catchy at the same time.

Ray-Ban RB2140

American brand Ray-Ban has some examples in this category. Though it goes even further and combines lavender lenses with denim frames to create daring D-frame denim-coated acetate sunglasses, this model literally screams for its strong desire to be noticed. Displaying movement and haste, this model will be right for those who aren’t afraid of dreaming, and dreaming big.

As for Yohji Yamamoto, he makes his admirers thrilled by launching its purple round metal framed sunglasses. They appeal to urban taste and perfectly carry out their main task: to make a striking statement.

Gorgeous Swiss brand TechnoMarine released its Dimitri Coral Bay collection with wonderful lavender models embellished with tiny starfish and golden corals on frames that look very exotic.

A bouquet of colours

A lot of designers like Dimitri, Marchesa and Chanel have succeeded in combining diferent pastel colours in one eyewear turning it into a creation of art. Thus, the collection called Dimitri Rave Ibiza presents exciting examples of mixed colours that make you bate your breath in astonishment. Everything, starting with lenses and finishing with eyewear arms is unique and bold. The thing about these models are that they are incredibly versatile and will give the wearer a fresh look.

Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ409S
Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs 409/S 6WL colour block sunglasses seem to be one more successful example of the pastel shades combination. Bringing together white, pink and peachy shades the eyewear still remains stylishly delicate.

One can say that the 60s and 70s are back, with pastel coloured eyewear. Add these hues with well defined shapes and the retro look is back into play.

Pastel shades cater to customers across age groups and are fast emerging as a popular trend. Almost anyone and everyone can pull off these shades. So what are you waiting for! Jump head-first into this trend and add these sunglasses to your extensive range of eyewear.

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