Mirror, Mirror…

We have all seen them on movie stars and models. They never go out of fashion and never fail to impress. The subject at hand is, of course, mirrored sunglasses

Mirrored glasses provide a sense of authority. The reflective outer layer of the lenses prevents others from making any eye contact with you. This shielding function has been successfully utilised by police officers and other authorities, earning mirrored glasses the nickname of ‘cop shades’.

Apart from expressing the wearer’s status, mirrored glasses also make a bold fashion statement and offer enhanced protection from the sunlight. Indeed, mirrored make for a perfect combination of both form and function.

From Technology To Fashion
Mirror coating was first mostly applied to Aviator design sunglasses, but as the technology developed, more and more styles and colours became available. From the typical greyish and brownish coatings, we have now come to the point where mirror coating is available almost in any colour of your choosing.

A mirror coating is created by applying a nanoscale layer of a certain metal on the front surface of the lens. The type of metal determines the final colour, and the thickness of the layer determines the hue of the coating. A different technique utilises a special oxide coating on the lenses, which can be applied in a way that the lens changes colour when seen from different angles.

Mirrored lenses can only provide a portion of the protection offered by regular sunglasses. This is why mirror coating is most often used with a combination of tinted lenses to ascertain an optimum protection from intense sunlight and ultraviolet light. When combined with tinted lenses, mirrored sunglasses make a great choice for sports enthusiasts, because they offer great protection from the light reflected from snow or water, for example.


The coating can be applied to eyewear lenses in multiple ways to provide maximum versatility, considering style and function. A full mirror coating covers the lenses completely, while gradient mirrors are highly reflective at the top and decrease in reflectance toward the bottom. Gradient lenses are a great choice for drivers and people who like to read outdoors. Furthermore, a mirror coating can be applied as double gradient or flash mirrors. Double gradient mirrors are almost like full mirrors, but with less reflectance along the midline. Flash mirrors, on the other hand, only apply a thin coating that just retains a hint of reflectance.

In Trend
During the course of this year, numerous fashion bloggers have duly noted the rising trend of mirrored glasses. Whether it be on the street, on the runway, or at the galas of the rich and famous, mirrored shades can now be spotted everywhere.

While mirrored glasses provide security from curious onlookers for the wearer, they also draw loads of attention. Gone are the days when only skiers wore wraparound mirrored shades. Today these eye-catching glasses can be seen on such celebrities as Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, and even Katy Perry.

And after all, is there any reason why mirrored eyewear shouldn’t be the hottest new accessory? With so many shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from, you could hardly find an outfit that would not pair with a tastefully selected pair of mirrored shades.

If you want to keep up with the rolling tides of the fashion world, get yourself a couple of mirrored sunglasses to accentuate your style. Whether you choose to wear your most luxurious dress or just put on something comfortable for the beach, the right kind of mirrored glasses can finish your look and grant you the wow-factor everyone is looking for.

There is, of course, another reason to choose mirrored sunglasses instead of regular shades. The mirrored coating conceals as well as attracts, so they are a perfect choice for those days when you feel tired or did not have the chance to apply makeup properly.

The Hottest And The Coolest
With all the major eyewear designers coming up with their new collections for the following year, right now is the time to go and grab yourself a new pair of shades.

From the Italian designer Roberto Cavalli’s new collection, look out for the model RC883S. The model comes in four different hues. The chic design spells pure luxury: super-thin golden frames embellish the mirrored Aviator-style lenses. Hinges shaped liked snake heads slightly overlap the lenses from the sides, while the iconic RC monogram adorns the stylish double bridge of the glasses. The sunglasses are a piece of art, and more than that: they perfectly capture the world-renowned Tuscan sense for beauty.

Dior has taken a totally unique approach to eyewear with its ‘DIORMETTALIC’ collection for the winter. These sunglasses, inspired by the hustle and bustle of cities, present a magnificent and eye-catching two-part design. On the top of the lenses, separated by a fine and sculptural metal line, sits another pair of compact lenses with contrasting colours. Light, modern, and simple, these sunglasses will draw attention anywhere.

Another Italian designer house, Mad In Italy, presented their new collection of mirrored sunglasses at Vision-X 2014 in Dubai. Created completely in Italy, the Mad team has created a range of quirky sunglasses in various bright colours. One of these new models features a brave square design with a strong emphasis on the frame’s double bridge. With their new collection, Mad In Italy delivers outstanding wearability with a sense of haute couture.

Ray-Ban is one of those brands that can never go out of fashion. With classic designs such as Aviator and Wayfarer still holding strong, and new designs launched regularly, Ray-Ban boasts a strong hold of the eyewear market. If you are looking for Ray-Ban sunglasses but shun the iconic models, check out Ray-Ban’s RB9049S. This model takes a fresh modern take on the classic Aviator shape with slightly rounded lenses and a thick black plastic frame.


Mirror coated and coloured Ray-Ban Aviators have been sported by numerous celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes, and Zac Efron. Coveted for their iconic status as well as their hi-tech protective technology, Ray-Ban eyewear truly stand the test of time.

Finally, take a look at Etnia Barcelona’s inspiring WILD LOVE in AFRICA collection. With striking coloured mirror lenses and attractive frame designs, the new collection truly captures the ageless beauty of wild African nature. From the collection see especially the model WLA AFRICA01. The cat eye shaped acetate frames feature a beautiful animal hide pattern paired with clear blue mirrored lenses reminiscent of the African sky. WILD LOVE in AFRICA was created in cooperation with the NGO Africa Rising Foundation and only utilises 100 per cent environmental friendly acetate.

The Look That Endures
Wearing a matching pair of mirror coated sunglasses for the first time can be a fun and exciting experience. There is a sense of detachment, but also of great appreciation for the world. With a perfect pair of mirrored shades, you can retain a sense of calm and still highlight your personality. Because of their power, mirrored sunglasses make for a perfect accessory: something you should own more than one pair of to make the best impression at any time.


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