More Is Less!

Fashion is fickle, for sure. But now it’s ‘in your face’. Yes, seems like eyewear designers have something new to offer the fashionistas

Can you blame the fashionistas if they want to move back to the good old ‘in your face’ kind of statement? It seems the move from being flashy to being subtle is now seeing a little bit of reversal.
Yes, there will always be the war between the bling-bling and the oh-so-subtle, the I-wanna-flaunt-it versus the I-want-to-be-discrete type of fashion lover. But it looks like flaunting your logos and your brands is making a comeback in eyewear fashion at least.

Hold your breath. It’s not on the temples, it’s not on some corner of your lens, it’s, you guessed it, in your face! The messages are loud and clear and it’s where everyone who sees you first sees your brand. There’s no way of ignoring this brand display and the eyewear designers seem to be loving this. The designs are loud and blingy and the logo display could make a few of us cringe but for those who love it, there’s no better (or louder) way to announce to the world who your favourite designer is. It’s time for the ‘less is more’ crowd to make way for the ’more is less’ statement.


Presenting to you some of the latest in the series of in your face branding.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani - AR 6094 3015
Giorgio Armani – AR 6094 3015

6094 3015 : Rimless round women sunglasses from Giorgio Armani helps you catch sight of the wonders of nature and its evanescing colours while wearing a distinctive pair of sunglasses embellished with the Giorgio Armani signature. This signature style reinterprets the fresh, feminine concept of the collection through catwalk inspired lens tones, ephemeral profiles and calligraphic metal lines with high-end fashion appeal.

Giorgio Armani - AR 6087 3013
Giorgio Armani – AR 6087 3013

6087 3013 : These round sunglasses are inspired by this season’s women’s wear collection. This features an innovative rimless-effect providing this classic round shape with a contemporary status.


Versace - VE 2207Q
Versace – VE 2207Q

 VE 2207Q : The Squared Baroque sunglasses is a unisex style which features a removable leather wrap bridge with a gold-tone Medusa stud. The temples feature a Barocco motif. The model is available in two variations: gold frame with black temples, details and gray lenses; or gold frame with white temples, details and light gray mirror silver lenses.


Burberry - BE 4291 3007
Burberry – BE 4291

 BE 4291 – Logo Lens D-frame : This sunglass design is a black nylon fibre frame with brown mirrored lenses featuring a silver Burberry logo white nylon fibre frame with grey mirrored lenses featuring a gold Burberry logo matte black nylon fibre frame with dark grey lenses.

Dolce & Gabbana

DG 4366
DG 4366

DG 4366 Devotion : These acetate oversized sunglasses with gold Baroque-inspired spirals are a new extraordinary interpretation of Dolce&Gabbana glasses characterised by the initials of the brand, which is already a style icon. The DG letters are created with a motif featuring leaves and small-stylized flowers in gold, finely antiqued metal. The model’s charm is completed by black lenses and slim temples finished with a gold colour.

DG 2233
DG 2233

 DG 2233 : The Dolce & Gabbana logo dominates these “full black” mask glasses. Following street style trends, the logo, which features bold white rubber characters, is the standout feature on the frame front, emphasised by the DG initials on the temples. The logo also appears on the front sides of this model, expressing its strong personality. The model is available in two versions without a front logo: a blue-mirrored mask style with a blue logo on black temples, and a gold-coloured mirrored mask with a white logo on white temples.


MCM 126S
MCM 126S

126S Face-717 Octo Frame Sunglasses : These would be your perfect option on sunny days. These shades take a cue from 70’s eyewear with their oversized geometric shape and narrow hardware. Team yours with a t-shirt and denim for a simple summer look.

Voila! So that’s a few of them out there that can make your face a billboard for your favourite brand’s logo. Whether you want to do this for your brand or not, is not just a matter of fashion or style. It also boils down to how loud and blingy you really can get.
It’s definitely not something that everyone can carry off. However for those amongst you who want to stand out in a crowd (and you will!) and let the world know which brand you endorse, there’s definitely no better way than this.

Celebrity spotting with this kind of loud and flashy display has not been reported as yet but we are sure that someone out there in the ‘celebrity’ world really wants to try these out and we hope it’s soon. We’d surely like to know which one of them is gutsy enough to flaunt their favourite brand on their face!
‘In your face’ or whatever name this trend will be called by the fashion pundits seems to be here for now and we can wait and watch which other designers will join the bandwagon. More is definitely less and I think for the time being, maybe it’s a good thing as the ‘less is more’ style was really not going anywhere off late.

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