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With passage of time, eyewear has evolved into the world’s most loved fashion accessory. The recent conclusion of New York Fashion Week has once again shed light on eyewear styles that are ruling the roost when it comes to the New York fashion circuit. Here is a look at what’s trending…

When it comes to New Yorkers, the style statement is different and quite obviously BOLD. Home to iconic sites like Empire State Building, Times Square, Statue of Liberty and others, New York City is a fast-paced, globally influential center of art, culture and even fashion! The city has always been in the limelight for its sophisticated sense of style.

Several factors like politics, economics, and even the culture drives the development of this city’s fashion scene. Credited with being the birthplace of various trends like the swanky street style, New York has contributed a lot to the evolution of fashion, globally. If Paris is the birthplace of haute couture, New York has also enjoyed its fair share of paparazzi and is currently one of the four major fashion headquarters of the world. What originates here, often travels across the globe, emerging as a popular trend. rsz_street-style-trends-fashion-week-spring-2015

From the style to the makeup to the spectacle of it all, New York offers a lot to soak-up for the fashion forward crowd from all over the globe.  Known for its busy lifestyle, packed streets and of course a refined taste in fashion, New Yorkers are known to embrace trends and customise it, according to their preferences. It is this ability to customise and adapt that makes their fashion mantra so popular and so desirable.

Given their association to the concept of fashion, New Yorker’s surely know how to spice up their style with the right choice of sunglasses. From bold and beautiful to soft and subtle, New York’s fashion circuit has a lot to offer in every category. Inspired by the celebrity connect or the pop culture, New York trends have indeed contributed majorly to the evolution of fashion, as we know it, internationally.


The lights on the first edition of this year’s New York fashion week may have dimmed in February but it sure gave a lot of insight into what’s trending and what’s not, even in terms of eyewear.

Let’s take a look at sunglass trends that hit headlines in and around New York Fashion Week (NYFW) :

rsz_img_1624_1The Chic Look

This is for the New Yorker who likes to flaunt her refined taste in fashion to the world. Her idea of accessories includes a prominent designer label and a style that will stand out. A good description of this style will include frames with thick sculpture that is matched by thick temples that are heavily inspired by the Hollywood movies and the star studded life of celebs, the chic look is all about being fashionable without being slave to trends. Though the word ‘chic’ originated in France, chic fashion best defines the New Yorker’s attitude. Those patronising this look clearly know what suits them and will never follow trends blindly.

MMJ 458S
MMJ 458S

The MMJ 458S Marc by Marc Jacobs is an excellent choice for those who want to sport the chic look. Made of acetate, this full rim design is a beautiful blend of fashion and utility. This frame comes in several interesting colours, textures and bold prints that make it a head turner.

The Street Style

rsz_fg_premium_womans_sun_3Often the popular trends emerge in the most unexpected scenarios. New York’s street style also has a similar past and is today one of the most vibrant fashion trends. Though the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) may have concluded, the street style is far from over. After all, a heavy impression of this style was seen all through the week at the NYFW 2015. Even as New York gears up for the cold months, the street style is sure to keep the temperatures soaring, at least on the fashion circuit!

MYKITA EGON from the NO2 collection can be a good choice to complement the street style. The design features a fusion of 1930s and 1970s styling elements for a sporting look. Coupled with the bold colour, this design accentuates the style quotient of the wearer noticeably.

Front Row Celeb Style

rsz_fg_premium_couple_sun_1Inspired by the dazzling lights at the New York fashion runways, this style is all about big lenses, often used as a cover, to stay hidden from the shining paparazzi. In fact, this is the style that is most commonly seen on the New York fashion circuit. After all, the New Yorkers love to remain a bit mysterious and not be seen by many, and an oversized pair is a great way to pull off this look. The oversized frames are big, bold and truly beautiful choice for those who aspire to add a hint of sophistication to their overall style statement.


Milana by Foster Grant Signature are a great pair to capture this look. With its broad arms and minimalistic design, these sunglasses come across the subtle yet impressive style statement for the fashion aficionados. Salvatore Ferragamo’s SF723S model is also an excellent choice for those who like oversized frames. Just recently, former model and German actress, Diane Kruger was spotted wearing them during a recent public appearance when she was jetting into the Nice Airport, this model complements the casual as well as formal look with equal elan.

Power Talk

Often sported by the creme de la creme of the society, this is a style for those who like to flaunt their position of power. Known as the influencers amongst the fashion aficionado’s of New York, this style will include eyewear that is simple yet impressively sophisticated in terms of design as well as the overall aesthetic appeal. This is the style for people who like to let their authority take center stage.

Maui Jim has some interesting options that match this style statement. The most recent one being the Cliff House sunglasses which is a fresh take on the classic aviator style that has been stealing hearts for ages now. SCHA09 model by Chopard also fits the bill perfectly for those who want to flaunt this style. Featuring a rose gold colour and black temples, these glasses come with elegant roviex polarised lenses.

The Casual Cool

Casual seems to be the new formal in New York. This style best defines people who prefer to keep their looks comfortably casual yet impressively fashionable. The off duty mode is a permanent fixture for those who patronize this style and they simply love to do it.

BF732 Eagle
BF732 Eagle

The BF732 Eagle model from Blackfin’s latest collection captures the casual cool style beautifully. With its rounded lens design and titanium frames, this type of eyewear surely transforms the personality of the wearer.

As we keep an eye on the latest trends, fresh from the runway, one thing is guaranteed, that eyewear fashion is evolving at a frantic pace and given the variety that is available, the customer is sure to be spoilt for choice!

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