Accreditation Of Courses: Way Forward In Optometry

Optometry Council Of India shares importance of pursuing programs at accredited institutions

The process of accreditation by Optometry Council of India ( OCI) provides a framework which ensures that programs being run on a local, state and national level deliver innovative and informative educational information to healthcare professionals.

As of now, the list of accredited institutions include:

  1. Masterclass Optometry
  2. India Vision Institute
  3. L.V. Prasad Eye Institute
  4. Vidyasagar College of Optometry
  5. Association of Schools and Colleges Of Optometry (ASCO)
  6. HARIJYOT college of Optometry
  7. Karnataka Optometry Association
  8. Management and Sciences University(MSU), Malaysia
  9. ALCON (Corporate CE provider)
  10. Manipal University
  11. Laxmi Eye Institute
  12. Lotus College of Optometry
  13. Alumni of LVPEI Optometrists (ALO)

Seminar on low vision

There was also a seminar conducted by Lotus College that focused on low vision Lotus college of Optometry in co-ordination with Rotary club had organized one day Continual Medical Education (CME) on Low vision. This was conducted at workshop of National Association for the Blind, Mumbai. Over 75 participants from various colleges across state had marked their attendance. The program was planned to enhance knowledge of the participants. The sessions were divided into theoretical and practical teaching and were commended by all the participants and office bearers of rotary.

OCI encourages all approved CE providers to follow its manual while developing the educational programs. It is also OCI_Logo_Final-300x227important for the providers to offer programs that also focus on up to date educational principles while delivering continuing education to professionals.    

With the expected increased demand for CE, OCI is conscious of the need to have a range of quality CE activities delivered in different modes available to optometrists.

The Approval Process

OCI  will maintain a list of approved CE providers. This list will be available on its website and will also be circulated to all Indian optometrists. CE accreditation application must be completed either online,  or by completion of an electronic application form or by submitting a hard copy.

Applications should be submitted no later than 45 days before the scheduled date of  the continuing education activity. Providers will usually be informed of the outcome of application within 20 days of receipt. Incomplete forms submitted will not be attended.

Each new applicant for accreditation will be assessed in isolation. It is important to remember that a provider, who has had CE activities accredited previously, should not presume accreditation for subsequent activities. Provider should not advertise or promote their CE as accredited by the board until this is confirmed in writing.

Learning objectives are important in the design of accredited CE activities, because they tell the participants what to expect, what they will learn and what they will have to do. Having objectives will help an optometrist to decide if they want to participate in the course or not.

The OCI board is interested in assisting optometrists to participate in a range of CE activities that are both relevant and engaging for individual optometrist’s development. In choosing CE activities optometrist’s are required to assess their personal CE learning needs and the desired outcomes of CE activities. To assist optometrist’s, to make relevant choices it is important that CE activities, list the expected learning objectives for all CE activities for it to be considered for accreditation.

Providers applying for accreditation should provide a minimum of learning objectives for each hour or equivalent of activity. If a program is submitted for accreditation as a whole (example a multiple session 3 day conference), the number of learning objective will be discussed with the provider at the time.


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