Welcome The Jury Member For ZEISS 'YOU&EYE' AWARDS 2017: Aditya Goyal

Mr Aditya Goyal, Principal Of Sankara College Of Optometry, has been chosen as Jury Member for ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS 2017 to be held on 18th November, 2017. The jury members form the deciding body for the category of Clinical Support and we want to make sure it involves just the best. To ensure fair judgement, we have chosen only those who have the qualifications, experience and knowledge of the industry, products and technology and possess the capability to evaluate and judge accordingly.


Mr Aditya graduated from Elite School Of Optometry in 1989. He has completed M.S. in Clinical Pptometry from Pennsylvania college of optometry, Salus University and has been practicing the science and art of optometry since 1991. He is also a fellow of COVD and is pursuing PhD and fellowship of NORA at present.

Along with the clinical practice, he followed his interest in academics and was instrumental in establishing colleges of optometry in Chennai, Bangalore and Ludhiana along with Sankara Eye Care Group Of Hospitals. These colleges run optometry programs at bachelors and masters levels. They also offer lateral entry programs to upgrade education of diploma holders to degree levels.

AdityaPresently, he is the Principal of Sankara College of Optometry, Bangalore and a mentor to optometrists in the Sankara Eye Care Group. Aditya Goyal is also an adjunct faculty at Pennsylvania college of optometry, Salus University, USA. He serves as Vice President on the board of ASCO (Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry), India.

Mr Aditya was a member of the team which wrote the Common Minimum Optometry Curriculum (CMOC) and Indian Entry Level Optometry Competencies (IELOCS). He is one of the authors of the curriculum followed by the masters program in optometry. He is also a member of the task force created by Government of India to work on standardizing the curriculum and practice of optometry in India. This aims at legislating the profession and creating a board to govern the practice of optometry in India.

Aditya is a faculty for a number of colleges across India and lectures widely on topics related to vision therapy, neuro vision, perception, behavioral and developmental optometry, pediatric optometry and low vision rehabilitation. He has a number of presentations both in India and abroad to his credit.

He has been involved in various workshops that work on improvement of pediatric optometry in India, like the one held in Bangalore in 2013, ‘Paedisight’. The workshop was successfully concluded by the collaboration of Sankara Eye Hospital and India Vision Institute. “Dearth of updates on the recent advancements in optometric clinical practice led to this workshop. The purpose was to introduce Indian optometry to the latest in pediatric field that is happening in the developed optometry practices, and hence kindle the desire to ask for more. I feel the experiment has been successful and we were able to find a niche group who would be the torch bearers of vision therapy and vision training in days to come,” said Mr Aditya.

Mr Aditya is a Jury Member for the Clinical Support category in the awards. His medical education accomplishments are endless to list and his work involves study of evolution and rapid changes in diagnosis of eye ailments and their management. We are sure that with him on the jury panel for the Clinical Support category for ZEISS You&Eye Awards 2017, we have the right authority to judge the skills, manpower, technology and equipment to help select the winner.

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