Celebrating Uniqueness With YUNIKU

Millions of different faces in world, each with different features, shapes and sizes, so why should your eyewear be simply like any other?

Regular spectacles can only be customised to a certain extent, the customisation might, or might not contemplate wearer’s shape completely. However, Hoya believes that each eyewear should be unique and designed entirely based on your face and vision, and Yuniku is a product based on the same foundation. Yuniku claims to be the world’s first vision-centric 3D eyewear, that is designed entirely according to the wearer’s style, shape, vision and facial features.


It is important that the accessory you sport defines your style, and Yuniki does exactly that for you. The 3D tailored eyewear is designed entirely based on your face and vision. The frame and the fittings are designed accessing the visual needs and facial features. Advanced technologies and unique software calculates the ideal position of the lenses in relation to wearer’s eyes, and then 3D prints of the frame are created based on those unique parameters. It is now possible to enjoy optical precision without adjusting with style or fit.

Besides offering an eyewear which is specially designed  to suit your frame, Yuniki also consists of an extensive selection of frame designs, colours and finishes for any lifestyle, look and visual need. A unique software also lets the customer see exactly what they will look like in the selected eyewear. Highly coordinative and interactive team ensures that the customer is offered with the perfect fit, integrated customisation, ordering and delivery process. The team considerably believes in interactive customer experience which builds loyalty and ensures complete satisfaction with the end result. Yuniki, developed in collaboration with globally recognised partners, is considered to be a unique approach towards modern vision alteration.


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