Dunhill: Long Live The King!

Dunhill, the brand that is admired, preferred and desired worldwide. This brand makes a man look privileged and feel royal

Alfred Dunhill, a powerful king among the other luxurious brands that has been reigning in the world of fashion for 110 years. This brand contains all the best traits imaginable, starting with inspiring the respect towards its capturing history and finishing with evolving its easily recognizable style.Dunhill

Amazingly versatile

Strangely enough that Alfred Dunhill is not being studied as the real phenomenon in business classes because surely he is an example of one of the most successful businessmen in the world’s economics.
Alfred Dunhill inherited his father’s saddlery company on the edge of centuries in London, 1893 and decided to turn it into something bigger.  He focused his attention on luxurious goods for cars and didn’t miscalculate. Not only leather gloves and stylish eyewear became a phenomenal success but also headlights and horns. Dunhill transformed the iron monsters into trendy means of transport. When Alfred got down to business indeed, he seemed to never be able to fail. He extended his manufacture in 1904 (if such a variety was actually possible to get extended) by launching the production of pocket watches and two years later – early tachometers.

Influenced by overwhelming success, Dunhill decided not to rest on his laurels and made his dream come true in 1907 by opening his first tobacconist’s shop. Being not completely contended by the tobacco mixes’ quality of his suppliers, he opened his own tobacco factory that wasn’t impacted by modern technologies: manual production of his tobacco goods soon distinguished Dunhill from the rest of tobacco barons making his goods much more expensive and cherished because of their highest quality.

After the World’s War I Alfred started producing lighters installing them even into his pocket watches. Moreover, the first wrist watch was launched after they signed a contract with Namiki, a Japanese company that helped Dunhill establish its supremacy in the fashion world. The beginning of 20s was also marked by grace and patronage of the British Royal family that extolled the brand to the skies and brought even more rich and noble clients. That was also the time when Alfred Dunhill decided it was time for his son, Alfred Henry, to continue the family business. Alfred Dunhill retired in 1929, marking the new era for his company that came with his beloved son.

DunhillThe brand has always accented its exclusivity by producing the goods in a single copy from time to time. At the end of 50s the company has got an access to the USA, Japan, Europe and Australia, literally conquering the world.
In early 1970s the brand started tailoring ready-to-wear clothes for men using the best fabrics and materials imaginable, thus representing the true meaning of the word-combination “British quality”.

Dunhill spread its influence on sport as well choosing to support the most expensive and exquisite one in the world: golf. The prestigious annual Dunhill Cup golf tournament was established in 1985.
Nowadays Dunhill is a significant part of Richmond Group. Its collections include everything possible for making a man highly satisfied and comfortable with his appearance and status. The Dunhill label has become a distinctive symbol of quality that can hardly be achieved by someone else. Its CEO, Andrew Maag, has decided not to break a 100 years’ tradition and directs the brand at the same direction to create the best for the best ones.  

For chosen ones

Dunhill brand possesses a dignity that truly compels admiration. No wonder that it has won a respect and warm approval of the world’s most famous celebrities. The quality, price and acknowledgement have allowed the brand to separate each and every of its clients making them chosen ones.
Dunhill eyewear has been with the brand since the very beginning. It is considered to reflect the impeccable taste of its owner. That’s why Joe Dempsie, known as Gendry from Game of Thrones, doesn’t hide his admiration for Dunhill Eyewear. Wearing classy model of Dunhill sunglasses, the actor looks like a true aristocrat and member of the royal family (who, by the way, his character in the cult serial really is).

Jay Z, being known for his bold outfits, owns a pair of restrained vintage Dunhill 6089. The grey marble eyewear of an unusual shape makes the rapper, who first wore it at “Friday Night” with Jonathan Ross, look a bit retro but nevertheless trendy. The highest quality of the model combined with its excellent design complete a carefully-thought image of the singer.

Another Dunhill eyewear fan is a famous American singer Usher. His square Dunhill 6041 sunglasses are smooth and contain a noble note. These dark shades are secure hiding him from camera flashes and nevertheless fitting into with his outfit. Therefore they make Usher look spectacular and definitely worth admiring.

Robert Downey Jr., who is easily recognizable for his smart style and passion for costumes, couldn’t stay indifferent to Dunhill eyewear as well. He is a lucky owner of Dunhill goggles which square form and sharp angles of a thick black eyewear frame shine on the sun attracting the public’s attention.

Dunhill’s focused on you

Dunhill, SDH046

Dunhill eyewear is a guarantee for the fact that everyone’s attention will be focused on one person: you. The advantage is not only to be in the center of everything but also the indescribable feeling of significance and uniqueness. What else can one need?

Dunhill ICON Family – D1023 is an absolute proof of that. Its combination of olive lenses and thin sides of spectacles is created for those who rule this world. A glossy convertible with the top up, a mad speed and a luxurious impression left behind: these are three associations that come up to you when you first see this remarkable eyewear model.

Round Dunhill VDH020 is a vivid example of the brand’s prowess. Handcrafted model with a printed frame and transparent lenses is created mainly for those who want to look magnetic both at work and in their daily routine. However, this model doesn’t recall any thoughts of routine. Thus, it will turn your daily routine into a daily celebration of life.

Dunhill heritage barley pattern acetate sunglasses are remarkable for their double bridge, colourful lenses and the eyewear frame of several shades. The model is created for the urban life of a large city and for the vacation on the Pacific coastline. It makes a strong effect on those who surround you, raising their spirit. People will be unconsciously drawn to you and there will be nothing you can do about it.

Thinking of its long history connected with motors, Dunhill came up with the Titanium-Folding Model (D1023), an eyewear created for speed that also saves your space. The speed refers not only to the car but also to you raise on the career ladder. Dynamic, developing and ready for everything – this is a perfect description of this model’s owner. Large dark lenses combined with a light eyewear frame can be easily folded and hidden in your pocket whenever you don’t really need it. A perfect option for a perfect man.


1893 – Alfred Dunhill inherits his father’s business at age 21

1904 – launching of pocket watches

1906 – producing of tachometers

1907 – opening the first tobacco shop

1910 – opening the first tobacco and pipe factory

1929 – the company was given to Dunhill’s son, Alfred Henry

1959 – aged 86, Alfred Dunhill dies

1985 – The annual Dunhill Cup golf tournament was established

2007 – opening of the first Home of Alfred Dunhill in Tokyo

2010 – opening of the fourth Home of Alfred Dunhill in Hong Kong


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