New Lens Technology Comes To Indian Markets

This time our spotlight is on Perception and VX 40 automatic lensmeter, the latest in lens care technology being introduced to the optical trade community in India

Optics India Equipments Pvt. Ltd., will be introducing two new instruments, Perception, a new concept in optical shape recognition featuring  Briot’s patented Gravitech® technology and VX 40 automatic lensmeter, based on patented Visionix Wavefront technology.

Both the instruments are manufactured and marketed by the France headquartered by Luneau Technology Group, which develops, manufactures, and markets refraction as well as diagnostic equipment.

Perception by Briot

Perception is an entry level edging system and is a pioneering effort in the direction of simplifying optical shape recognition.It is designed on the robust Emotion platform and delivers a compact, sleek, all-in-one system with multiple functionalities geared for ease-of-use and relatively fast processing.  

Additionally, Perception features easy shape modification, parallax free digital blocking, and a flexible edging process to meet the individual requirements of each job.  

Apart from affordability, space saving and versatility, the instrument claims to offer a hassle free service experience.  Features like multiple programs for bevel, groove, safety bevel, and polishing give lens makers more options for customisation.  The device also comes with a resilient job memory that allows up to 300 jobs to be stored and easily accessed. This is in addition to the large shape memory that can store up to 200 shapes at a time.  Perception is also enabled for remote tracing via OMA V3.07 for maximum performance and flexibility in finishing requirements.  

Powered by Gravitech®, a new technology where shape information is captured using a patented algorithm based on the gravity point of the lens to achieve highly accurate measurements within 5 seconds of lens placement, the device is expected to help in raising the standards of lens manufacturing.

Thanks to this technology, Perception is able to offer, perfect shape reproduction as well as precision in sizing offering an excellent ‘first fit ratio’.

VX 40 automatic lensmeter

Moving on to the VX 40 automatic lensmeter is based on patented Visionix Wavefront technology delivering fast and accurate measurements using a 130 point measurement system.  This lensmeter provides the ultimate in precision and speed for your lab needs.VX40_USA-2

Wavefront technology measures an optic system (lens, eye) at a multitude of points based on wavefront methods, whereas traditional technologies measure a single point or a just a few points. Thanks to its advantage, this technology is useful in numerous fields.

Visionix® pioneered a method to miniaturise this technology, permitting its incorporation in a large group of instruments. Being diligent about controlling costs, Visionix® has kept the technology both accessible and affordable for everyone, providing very specific functions and exceptional accuracy.

This lensmeter gives a complete analysis of the frame at the click of a button. It features the innovative ‘Frame Support’ design that allows the examiner to actually spend more time with the patients and rely on the machine to provide a comprehensive analysis of the lens.

VX40 is equipped to detect all types of lenses: progressives, office and single vision lenses as well as bifocals. It is compatible with all lens technologies and brands.

With this instrument, each point of a lens can be studied even in case of progressives and freeform.

Based on a 130 point Shack Hartmann sensor, results from this instrument are accurate providing a fast and efficient option to the user. Other features of the device include integrated thermal printer, pupillary distance measurement and even a special contact lens mode.

Currently, Optics India will be introducing these instruments to the Indian markets. Featuring latest advancements of technology, the two tools are expected to help optometrists get more precise and effective lens measurement. This will ultimately help to raise the overall standards of the eye-care practice.

Perception by Briot will also be showcased in the upcoming edition of In-Optics 2016. Known for its consistent endeavour to provide the best in class lens equipment to the optical trade community, the latest addition to the Optics India portfolio is in line with the company’s mission to help practitioners raise the standards of eye-care that they can provide to the end consumer.

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