Swarovski Spring-Summer 2016 Eyewear Collection

The collection is the perfect balance between ultra-feminine and contemporary, presenting the Maison’s signature crystals in modern, captivating designs. With a wide variety of shapes and colours, the selection offers something for each and every modern woman


sk0100_16fThe Finn (SK0100) sunglasses revisit the timeless aviator shape with a unique Swarovski touch. Featuring the iconic double-bridge structure at the front of the glasses and gradient, tear-drop shaped lenses, the Finn glasses are the perfect balance between heritage and modernity. Dazzling Swarovski crystals adorn the temples of the frames, finished off by acetate tips to ensure maximum comfort and perfect fit.

sk0103_78bContemporary appeal and diva charm distinguish the geometric-shaped Fame (SK0103) style, in acetate. The squared front evokes a seductive cat-eye shape, emphasized by prestigious Swarovski crystals that embellish and illuminate the whole frame. Available in traditional tones as well as pastel shades which further accentuate the modern and feminine appeal of the sunglasses, cementing their status as a “must- have” this season.

sk0105_32fThe Feisty (SK0105) style seduces with its sinuous lines and sophisticated details. The glasses feature a cat-eye silhouette, accentuated by a crystal-covered spiral around a bright gem on the temples, dividing the frame in two contrasting parts, one in metal and one in acetate. Chromatic accents finish off the look for a polished result with contemporary allure.

sk0109_01bThe Farrel (SK0109) style stands out for its unusual design and easy-to-wear attitude. The wide acetate front is highlighted by the innovative crystal fabric technique, reminiscent of Swarovski’s iconic jewelry. A shiny crystalline powder accentuates the premium texture, creating a unique appearance that demonstrates the Maison’s exclusivity. The Farrel sunglasses are available in multiple colour options which further emphasise the sparkling effect, creating unique and original looks.

sk0110_52fThe Fabulous (SK0110) sunglasses do justice to their name – the wide cat-eye acetate shape seduces with strong personality and a pronounced sense of style. The striking silhouette of the frame is accentuated by looped temples which are covered with fine, ton-sur-ton Swarovski crystal rocks, available in different tones for a fashionable result.

sk0111_91wThe Fable (SK0111) style is an evolution of the Fabulous glasses, featuring a similar style in a square- shaped front. The temples are also covered by the iconic crystal rocks, reaffirming Swarovski’s exclusivity. Smoked lenses and modern pastel colour options offer a charming finish to the sunglasses.


sk5151_068Metal and acetate are expertly combined to create Faith (SK5151), a gently square-shaped optical frame. The elegant front is highlighted by shiny profiles in the upper part that also define the temples. A crystal- covered spiral and the iconic Swarovski logo adorn the frame, reaffirming the affinity with the Swarovski universe.

sk5153_098Essential design and the easy-to-wear shape define the Fame (SK5153) style. The sophisticated acetate silhouette dazzles with its pure lines and polished details – shiny Swarovski crystals are arranged at the ends of the front and along part of the temples to create a sparkly geometric motif that lights up the entire frame with the signature touch of the Maison.

sk5154_001Femininity and elegance characterise the timeless charm of the Fantasy (SK5154) optical frames. Metal inserts on the temples are covered with crystal baguettes in contrasting shades, creating a linear and refined style. The Swarovski logo finishes off the look, reminding the wearer of the premium nature of the glasses.

sk5159_090The Fawn (SK5159) style seduces with its eye-catching cat-eye shape which skillfully combines fashion with functionality. The pure lines are emphasized by Havana acetate inserts on the temples. Two rows of Swarovski micro-crystals add a touch of light to the modern proposal.

sk5174_081A contemporary and trendy feel for the Grazia (SK5174) optical frames, dedicated to all the women who stand out for charm and unique style. The cat-eye silhouette is highlighted by micro-crystals carefully placed along the edges of the front, in the innovative crystal fabric technique which lights up and enhances the whole look.

sk5194_092The Firenze (SK5194) style is defined by a lightweight, rectangular shape in acetate with modern appeal. The temples dazzle thanks to the metal inserts covered by Swarovski’s signature crystals, which create a bright, polished pattern, cementing the frames’ status as the perfect accessories for design and functionality.

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