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Glasses That ‘Alter Your Mood’… Any Takers?

Normally this piece of new would not have found its way to our blog. But these days with everyone needing some good news and some ways to relax, we figured why not?

In these turbulent time across the world, wearing these “mood-altering sunglasses” could probably help bring calmness and relaxation. Futuremood sunglasses feature specially tinted lenses using an innovative technology called ‘Halochrome’ developed by the German lens savants at Zeiss-that alters your mood by manipulating light and colour.

Using innovative technology developed by the lens manufactured ZEISS, Futuremood’s first glasses come in four colours—green, blue, red and yellow. Futuremood calls these four colours as ‘Auras’, each one designed to elicit a specific feeling: green is for relaxation; red provides energy; yellow offers focus; blue refreshes your mind. The company had recently launched its eyewear in two styles, a boxy, chunky frame and a more traditional rounded frame.

Austin Soldner and Michael Schaecher, the co-founders of Futuremood, are two longtime tech executives who see these lenses as a window into a wider world of material science experimentation and product development that they’re hoping to bring to market with Futuremood. 

Aurabliss 5000
Aurabliss 5000

“We really saw an opportunity to push the envelope in technical innovation and product innovation,” said Schaecher. “We have a backlog of stuff to push the envelope of what sunglasses are.”

There’s some preliminary research that the company has done, but the science is still largely unproven (Zeiss conducted two studies at European universities). These Futuremood sunglasses were launched in California, USA in the 2nd quarter of 2020 and are available through their website FUTUREMOOD

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