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McLaren’s Cutting-edge Tech Resonates In Its Eyewear

The British-based McLaren Group is recognised instantly as a supercar manufacturer and one of the most renowned high-technology companies in the world. Since McLaren Racing was started in 1963, the company has been pioneering and innovating in the competitive world of Formula 1, with its racing team winning 20 World Championships and over 180 races.

Each of its business areas of McLaren Racing, McLaren Automotive (a high-performance sports car business), and McLaren Applied (a game-changing technology and innovation business), enjoys a reputation for technical precision, excellence and the unremitting desire to win.

One its most recent ventures is the McLaren Ultimate Vision collection, which too uses cutting-edge technologies to perfection, and true to its DNA, champions innovation for ultimate performance. The collection of luxury optical frames and sunglasses is presented in collaboration with French optical specialist L’Amy Group.

The eyewear is of 100% titanium and 3D printed titanium, with rotating patented hinges and bi-injection vulcanized rubber. There are regular full rim and rimless models as well.

McLaren describes its Ultimate Series as ‘technological luxury’, a new genre it has created and named. The 3D printed front in titanium is a new approach to structure and one that guarantees both ultra-lightness and lenses free-of-tension mounting. The lug is made of titanium by MIM (metal injection moulding), and provides a rotatory movement that enables a perfect pressure application and compact folding while the frame is closed. The temples are made in silicone and over-moulded on a titanium metal core to ensure a perfect fit. PVD (physical vapour deposition) metalized fronts make for a very deep and resistant coloration. The collection offers seven shapes, four sunglasses, and four frames, all made in France. The components can be mixed and matched to create a unique frame. The Ultimate Series collection was awarded the prestigious Silmo d’Or in the innovative category, in 2018.

Mclaren MIM

Mclaren MIMThe Super Series collection of sunglasses and frames too is embedded with the same lug and temple components. The fronts are made of titanium, and come in eight rimmed and eleven rimless options – the former with bi-injected temples, the latter with over-moulded rubber temples. The collection is made in Japan.


Mclaren Silmo
Mclaren Silmo

Featuring the exclusive One Sec technology, the McLaren OneSec Electrochromic sunglasses adjust automatically and instantly to the surrounding light conditions, in less than a second. The exceptional quality of the mineral lenses guarantees precision and comfort for an incomparable lifestyle and driving experience. The lenses are embedded with LCD technology, driven by a cell and light sensor. The inner battery which lasts up to three years can be replaced at opticians’ outlets. These sunglasses too have a 3D printed front, McLaren rotating hinges, and temples and lugs that are the same as in the Ultimate Series. The product was a Silmo d’Or nominee in 2019. This range was unveiled in January 2020 at Optic India in Mumbai through its distributor, Pearl Enterprise.

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