Optical Eye Candy

Optical Eye Candy

The technique to inviting a passersby, creating an attractive display environment and converting them into buyers is called Visual Merchandising. In today’s day and age, it has become an imperative promotional tool for sales

The product in all its glory shining through a display window has more appeal then a radio or a print promotion. This technique includes certain intricate design elements such as lights, backgrounds, colour schemes and to some extent auxiliary sensory stimulating concepts, enticing the customers with smell, touch and even sound.

To understand this better, let’s classify the spectrums for eye catching visual merchandising aspects for optical showrooms:

1. Optical Frames: For starters, each style of optical frame needs to compliment the facial frame of an individual. Most clients envisage and identify their facial features with celebrity models. So why not use them. After all, this would aid in promoting the brand’s fashion statement.

2. Lenses: While some customers prefer light weight eyewear for progressive sight conditions, older customers may opt for bifocals, and professionals may end up choosing photochromic or polarized lenses. Each of the sample products with well descriptive narration indicating a ‘before and after’ effect will help your customers make the right choice.

3. Contact Lenses: Considering its pack size, contact lenses are promoted through several brochures, standees and ceiling banners. Hygiene is a critical factor in this area.

4. Sunglasses: These have evolved from being just an accessory in the summers, to a fashion statement under the spotlight today. And will probably be the highlight or the glamorous part of your visual merchandising for the next few months.

Choosing a visual merchandise theme

Optical showroom have an edge over other retail outlets as customers walk into an optical showroom for specific requirements. If strategically marketed and displayed, the eyewear products can be promoted clubbing two or more styles and perhaps an add-on service as well. This would make for an irresistible offer!

Store-front personality

Just like an eyewear can say a lot about an individual so does an eye-care store. An optical store’s prerequisite is to principally provide a clear vision, in its offering and in its environment. It’s important to focus on trust building and portraying the values of the brand.

You may opt to look vogue and trendy, traditional and classic or even eclectic based on the significance and outlook of your stores. The visual merchandise primarily would depend on the choice of brands and products.

Relation with brand

An appropriate balance between the brand value and the ideology of the store is something one must aim for. Signature stores such as Titan and Lenskart are banking on and optimising their credentials to successfully achieve this objective.

Comfort zone

A customer is most likely to spend quality time at an optical showroom when the environment is comfortable, open and well-lit. Most often eye care customers look for personalised solutions through one-on-one consultation with an expert.

Six tips to make visual merchandising aesthetics work for you:

Strategic location: Visibility and access to an optical store would reflect majorly on the store’s location. It would be wise to keep in mind the target audience and the spending culture.

Space in store: Neat and spacious exhibits on kiosks and racks are bound to create a lasting impression, considering the time it takes for decision making. In a clustered environment, it would deter the customer and impact the experience at the store. Remember; less is more.

Meet the eye: “If it’s at eye level it is at the buy level” is a tried and tested mantra. If the most wearable products meet the eye it will conveniently meet customer satisfaction too. Anything between 4 – 5 feet would be ideal.

Lighting: Needless to say, there needs to be ample lighting featuring the product range, else even a luxury brand would appear to fall short of the standards. LED lighting would be appropriate for showcases as it would ensure that your products are not too hot to handle (and prevent heat-related damage as well).

Backdrop: A velvety and contrasting either in ivory white or solid colour backdrop for frames would make your eyewear pieces look priceless. While a text panel with several fonts in the lens category would serve to be a brilliant backdrop allowing the customer to read the thoughtfulness.

The Angular and Odds placement: Even placements cause a visual judgment of limitations while odd alignments have more show space; even in confined spaces. Simply put, this is a technique worth trying. Body language experts say can give you big cues regarding your customers interest. For instance, a head tilt is a gesture when something seems interesting. Therefore, an angular placement for a set of spectacles could crack the deal.

With so many innovative techniques visual merchandising showcases brand value, fashion style quotient and technology. It’s something that adds so much more to the marketing aspect of your optical store’s branding that it just can’t be ignored any longer.

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