Finding Out If The Customer Is Right

Customer service helps in meeting the needs and desires of customers for whom the whole retail experience is created. As the saying goes, the customer is always right

Ensuring customer satisfaction via good service benefits the business as it creates goodwill for the company and results in strengthening customer loyalty. In fact, customer service is extremely important as it helps in maintaining client relationships which is a priority for any business. It means going above and beyond the expected, to keep the customer happy. A happy customer can ‘voice’ his opinions and send you more customers.

This ‘voice of customers’ can help opticians win accolades in the upcoming edition of ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS, 2019. With opticians from all around the country putting their best foot forward, the competition is becoming fiercer. Participation is open across various categories enabling opticians to be recognised for their innovative efforts. The awards is the first and only platform in India that provides an equal chance for opticians from all over the country to win awards, as the customer decides the winners.

Here Are Some Steps That Ensure Good Customer Service :

  • Greeting every customer with a smile will put them at ease and show that you are willing to help them. Simply put, smiling acts as a great ice breaker.
  • Understanding the perspective of the customer will help in ensuring that the sale is a memorable one and the customer goes back feeling satisfied with the purchase.
  • Responding to customer concerns promptly and accurately is also important as no one likes to be kept waiting too long. And providing the customer with incorrect information has the potential of breaking the reputation of the business.
  • Be as informative as you can about the process by which the customer is choosing their products as people feel comfortable when they know what they are using and what they should expect.
  • Follow up with the customer, even if it is just to check on how they are doing with their products. Simply put, the phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ does not apply here.

Important Dates:
-Sep 15, 2019: Last date for entries
-Oct 31, 2019: Last date for online voting
-Nov 24, 2019: Awards Show Night

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