What India Wants? Jayant Chhedha’s Response

Jayant Chheda of Suvin seemed thrilled during Optic India 2020. Here’s what he thought were the best bets for the year ahead

Colours that would rule 2020:
Black, Blue, Red
Material for 2020:
plastic like TR90, combination with metal
Shapes for 2020:
bigger size readers

″In Reading Glasses, the new generation entering in the team of reading glasses prefer bigger size readers than conventional narrow eye shape.

Material prefered is either plastic-like TR90 or in combination with metal.

If we talk on the technical aspect, the latest concept of
Intermediary progressive reader popularly known as computer reader is in great demand. Due to the constant use of laptops and fully loaded work station concept, these progressive readers are a must for those people who work on digital screens the whole day.

Computer progressive readers have ended the era of Plano power readers.Blue block lenses shall be a new normal for all readers in coming years.“

– Jayant Chheda

Organisation : Suvin Optics

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