Yellow Plus: Japan Made Glasses

Made in Japan with hand finishings, Yellow Plus presents frames that evoke style and class apart appearance

Yellow Plus prides itself for the sense of style imbibed and deep rooted in their foundation. From using famous techniques of Japan to make optical frames, they make sure to present a range that is beautiful in designs and exceptional to look at! Their agenda is not to stick too much to the fashion of short life but pursue the styles which are appreciated by the wearers and onlookers for longer periods. YP 3

Production plays an important part in the making of the end products at Yellow Plus; this is a result of harmony of ‘High Precision Parts’ produced by machines and tools of high technologies with sure eyes and skillful fingers of expert engineers on assembling. By this way, the company puts a lot into ‘Hand Finish’ as one of their reliable marks to the frames produced.

Some of their new products of 2015 include models namely Rudy, Denny, Vick, Eddy, Ricky, Sammy, etc. both in optical and sunglasses that are available in variety of colour options to match the wearer’s personal style and preference! Yellow Plus as a brand ensures that in order to have the best results and one that has no comparison to, it’s impetus to coordinate the most reliable engineers in each field of component parts and processes, and also have careful arrangements over that makes confirmation on each production process. This line of work gives them an innate control over the slightest movements on the overall process. Yellow Plus exceeds itself in design and makes sure that quality is consistent and this chain of work and end product does not get affected.

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