Visual Culture, Naissance And USH Merge For Eyewear Collection

Designer Takashi Kumagai of Naissance and designer Yuichi Toyama of USH have collaborated along with Visual Culture as one frame for the 2015-16 Autumn Winter Collection

Paul Col.7

For the 2015-2016 Autumn Winter Eyewear Collection, powerhouse brands Naissance and USH along with Visual Culture fuse together for a collection that is spectacular yet simple in its appearance and that in itself catches the eyes of the onlookers.

Andrew Col.7

The collection showcases plethora of options that reflect individually the ideals of both brands Naissance and USH. An expression of Takashi Kumagai, Naissance embodies the very essentials of his aesthetic, inspired by many different points of view on fashion experienced by him throughout his career as a stylist, photographer, brand director and designer. USH (Under Spiritual Horn) by Yuichi Toyama on the other hand, focuses more on individualism. USH is the eyewear than can be a part of one’s personality and their philosophy lies in making glasses that makes the facial expression attractive yet effortlessly adjusts the personality of the wearer.

Ethan Col.5

The collaboration of this collection also includes Hong Kong’s iconic eyewear and lifestyle select shop for chic and avant-garde Visual Culture which provides a platform for eyewear lovers who share a common passion and appreciation for arts, design, culture, as well as the 500 years of optical legacy.

The AW 2015-2016 Collection includes eyewear models Andrew Col.9 Brown; Ethan Col.5, Brown Half; Paul Col.7, Black-Gold; Sophia Col.2, Gold-Dark Demi; Mia Col.1, among others. The collection sees a range of optical glasses in subtle full rim and minute detailing that are intricately designed for the sense of capturing unique individuality in every eyewear.

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