Rodenstock’s New Self-tinting Lenses With A Unique Molecular Structure!

Rodenstock has recently introduced the advanced version of ColorMatic IQ® i.e. ColorMatic IQ® 2 in India, the new generation of self-tinting lenses based on new dyes with a unique molecular structure


ColorMatic IQ® 2 are the new generation lenses that has a self tinting function..  With the new timeless design colours as well as deeper tinting in the hot summer days,  these lenses make a perfect companion for everyday life. One lens that ensures comfortable vision round the clock, both indoors and outdoors. Pure Grey, Brown and Green are the new, timeless design colours of ColorMatic IQ® 2.

The very rich Chocolate Brown has a contrast enhancing effect. Pure Grey is convincing due to the natural colour reproduction. In addition, the lenses keep their true colour during the entire darkening process.

As a pioneer in the area of self-tinting plastic lenses for 30 years, Rodenstock stands behind the quality. Even after being worn for a long time, the lenses darken reliably, become lighter again and provide the wearer with perfect vision. Additionally, the molecular structure ensures outstanding colour stability – even after many years. The new design colours were developed in the company’s own lab in Munich.

Optimal Tinting in Shade and on Hot Days

The new photochromic molecules are bigger and react more sensitively to UV light, which means the spectacles wearer experiences perfect tinting in the shade as well. They make it possible to have deeper tinting than before at high temperatures and provide the perfect balance between the degree of tinting, becoming lighter quickly and clarity indoors.

  • Indoors, when not exposed to UV light, the molecules close up. The lens is fully clear.
  • Half-tint lens: Indoors, when not exposed to UV light, the molecules close up. The lens is fully clear. The molecules open a little if exposed to a little UV light, e.g. in half-shade.
  • Dark-tint lens: If a lot of UV light hits the molecules in the sun, the molecules open up completely and their area increases.

The Perfect Addition: Intelligent Sunglasses

The self-tinting ColorMatic IQ® 2 sunglasses lenses darken in strong sunlight. If there is less incident light, they lighten up to their basic tint of 40 percent thereby ensuring high-contrast vision as well as optimum UV and glare protection.

In a sunglasses frame, the lenses provide a very summery look in addition to maximum function and adjustment in just seconds, which makes them the ideal addition to intelligent everyday spectacles.

About Rodenstock

Rodenstock is Germany’s leading manufacturer of lenses and frames. Founded in 1877 with headquarters in Munich, Rodenstock is represented in more than 85 countries.

Vision Rx Lab, the internationally acclaimed ophthalmic lens manufacturer, is the sole distributor of this premium product in India. Vision Rx Lab’s partnership with Rodenstock dates back to 2003. Vision Rx Lab has been instrumental in launching Rodenstock in India and today we produce the complete portfolio of Rodenstock lenses in all the 7 Digital Labs, hence brining the world class German technology closer to the opticians.

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