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How To Target Your 40+ Customers: Learn At VP Academy

VP Academy (in association with Essilor), New Delhi edition is on the horizon after a successful programme in Mumbai. The programme is confirmed to be held on July 28, 2018. This time the three sessions will be on the topic: 40+ Customers: Your Key To A Successful Practice

Registrations for VP Academy’s upcoming programme are open in full swing. Participants can log on to the website www.vpacademy.fourplusmedia.com and register online today.

VP Academy’s first session concluded in Mumbai on May 19, 2018 at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, featuring the topic of ‘Vision Care For High Value Customers’. The second session is on the charts to commence on July 28, 2018 in New Delhi.

The topics to be taught by the speakers are picked after careful research and surveys conducted by team VisionPlus in the capital of the nation. With the help of VP Academy’s knowledge partner, Prema Chande of Lotus College OF Optometry, programme two will be conducted on ‘40+ Customers: Your Key To A Successful Practice’.

The programme has three main objectives:

  • To ensure that you learn about various progressive ophthalmic and contact lens designs and their functional indications
  • To help you know how to recommend and dispense progressive spectacles and contact lenses
  • To help you understand how to select the right kind of spectacle frame and sunglasses for the given prescription

Course outline:

VP AcademySession 1: Spectacle Frames And Sunglasses

To get practitioner to understand different frame designs and materials most suitable for dispensing for prescriptions for the presbyopic population. To understand the needs and lifestyle requirement and recommend the best suitable options. Attending the course course will help the practitioner have a better understanding of how to match the prescription to most suitable frame and spectacle lens design and type for a given customer.

VP AcademySession 2: Ophthalmic Lenses (With Support From Essilor)

To get the practitioner to understand various progressive additional spectacle lens designs and a functional indication of each design and its enhancements like coatings and material options. On completion of the course, the practitioner will have an understanding of the right kind of progressive lens design and enhancement for a given prescription and explain the same to address the functional needs of a customer.

VP AcademySession 3: Contact Lenses

To get the practitioner to learn how to offer multifocal and monovision contact lens options to presbyopes and to complement it along with spectacles and other options. The course will help the practitioner have a better understanding of how to motivate customers to try multifocal and monovision options for presbyopia management.

Hurry! Register today! Download the form here.

Click here: https://vpacademy.fourplusmedia.com/40plus-customers-your-key-to-a-successful-practice/


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