Vision-X VP Awards 2017: Final Nominations Out!

Vision-X VP Awards 2017 has begun with a bang! And the excitement is more than ever specially with the latest addition of ‘Galleria Award’… The jury meet hosted on the 20th August, 2017 has finally revealed the nominations for this year’s grand ceremony!

It has been an absolute pleasure hosting the Jury Meet for this year. The members not only devoted their precious time and expertise in selecting their picks but also enjoyed a fun shoot, like you saw in our previous post. We mean to tell you that the nominations may tell you something different but every entry is special in its own. It is simply applause worthy to look at the efforts of the brand owners to be a part of the competition.


“It is nice to have a valid competition, it pushes you to do better.” – Gianni Versace

The jury meet held on 20th August, 2017 has been a huge success, with the presence of our esteemed members: Mr Mushtaq Ahmed and Mr Mathews Jacob, Yateem Optician; Mr Mosa’d Dawo’d, Magrabi Optical; Mr Abdel Halim Yousef, Mugla Optical; Mr Saleh Sufian Al Shawa, Al Jaber Optical; Mr Joseph Ibrahim and Mr Ethan Shafiei, Qatar Optics Co; Mr Rayan Rouhani, Saudi Optic House.

All of these extremely knowledgeable and influential people of the eyewear industry were in one room shortlisting the best in eyewear and eye care technology that the opticians in the Middle East should be voting for! The entries flew from the entire world and the enthusiasm of the participants has been overwhelming.

Hundreds of entries arrived for the seventeen distinct categories that passed through expert scrutiny. The top 5 products in each category are being announced as nominees and are now available for online and offline voting starting today, that is, September, 1, 2017.

Based on the algorithm created by VisionPlus Magazine, the assessment is easier for the jury based on different attributes that each category must hold. Every product gets its points based on criteria that are unique to the particular category. The analysis by a panel ensures that there is no risk of a bias being exercised towards any of the entries.

The New Galleria Award!

VISITORS to Vision-X 2017 will get an opportunity on the first day to vote for a new VXVP ‘Galleria’ Category.

All the nominated entries will be showcased at the “Vision-X ‘Galleria’ Podium” for the trade visitors to check out personally and vote for.

Trade visitors at the event would also get a chance to vote for all individual categories again, irrespective of whether or not they have voted for it earler by way of online votes or through these ballot sheets.

How exciting it this?!

Come, vote now and again on Oct 17, 2017 at the Vision-X day one.

The exciting nominations are here: Congratulations To All!

Vision-X VP Awards 2017: NOMINATIONS!

Vote Now!

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