What India Wants? Samir Ahmed’s Response

Samir Ahmed of Nabiq Optics seemed thrilled during Optic India 2020. Here’s what he thought were the best bets for the year ahead.

Colours that would rule 2020: 

Material for 2020:
Acetate and Metal

Shapes for 2020:
Round, Oval, Single bar in square and Rimless

“Trends of round and oval are a popular choice. Single bar in square shape is also part of the trend. Thin, sleek, lightweight frames are more popular than the bulky ones. Beautiful acetate frame colours with patterns and multi colours are getting accepted quickly and setting the tone for high octane fashion in the Indian eyewear market. Metal and rimless frames with plastic combinations continue to give a freshness to the new collections and add comfort to style with many colour options. The eyewear fashion quotient has gotten wilder.”

– Samir Ahmed

Organisation : Naqib Optics
Some of the brands distributed : Velocity, Fossil, Luxe de Paris…

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