A Multicoloured Offering From La Matta: LMV 3140

Quite similar to a jewel, this model communicates character and style in its colourful avatar

LMV3140 - Model no. 2
LMV3140 – Model no. 2

The La Matta LMV 3140 from Area 98 is sure to win the hearts of women with the multicoloured gems set not unlike jewellery. It’s appealing, and capable of communicating character and style.

The model, LMV 3140 reveals the true nature of its wearer. Quirkiness and sensuality become the basis for the colours available here. While the more nostalgic women will opt for the alluring draw of black and white, the bright green and shocking pink will instead be an additional style signifier for women who wish to be daring not only in terms of the shape but the palette as well.

Another agelessly distinctive feature of La Matta is the animal print which – when combined with the coloured gems in acetate on the temples – expresses the appeal of modern women.


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