Vuarnet Mineral Lenses – Since 1957

Made in France, these lenses are the evidence of Vuarnet’s secretly guarded skill and expertise

VL 1315
VL 1315

With a dedicated team of compagnons, the Meaux Vuarnet glasses manufacturing plant in Paris has been working hard to give customers their best in sun protection. And it is Vuarnet’s closely guarded skill and expertise over 30 years that has produced its signature mineral lenses.

Vuarnet is the sole manufacturer in France to mass-produce polished tinted mineral lenses. Manufacturing a pair of Vuarnet mineral lenses takes over a day. At Vuarnet, lenses are always manufactured as a pair to guarantee exactly the same quality and same treatments. All mineral lenses are engraved with the brand’s sign of authencity

The Benefits

Vuarnet’s mineral lenses offer an exceptional optical quality that’s much better than polycarbonate lenses. There is no optical distortion. What’s more, mineral lenses are naturally resistant to scratches and the 16-hour chemical plating process guarantees its resistance to shocks.

Mass-tinting ensures long-term protection against the sun (only in category 3 and 4). Optimum visual comfort is possible, thanks to anti-glare, grease and water-resistant treatments on the inside. There are specific treatments for specific lenses in Vuarnet’s range – SKILYNX, CITYLINX, NAUTILUX, SX2000 and SX3000. For one, there is the bi-shaded treatment that eliminates glare from the sun.

These benefits, coupled with their longer lifespan compared to organic lenses, make Vuarnet’s mineral lenses a strong player in sunglasses lenses.

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