Watch Out For The Ic! Berlin Summer Collection 2014

Shine bright with this new collection of sunglasses that feature mirrored lenses in gold, silver and crimson

Fahrlehrer Klaus
Fahrlehrer Klaus

A new, remixed collection of sunglasses have been unveiled by ic! berlin that’s sure to win your approval. Now it’s your chance to shine bright with mega-shine mirrored lenses in gold, silver and crimson, electrified readers and chic new hybrid colourways.

Watch ic! berlin mixing colours and textures as favourites such as Fahrlehrer Klaus and Nameless 2012 get remixed with mirrored lenses, rough acetate and camouflage temples. Raf S gets electrified in green and light blue with new crimson and silver mirrored lenses.

Read in style with the brand’s favourite readers – Didier, Gabriel and Mamadi – reworked in most popular electric colours. And what’s more, their hugely successful hybrid sunglasses have been remixed in five exciting new colour combinations.

The ic! berlin summer collection is available from 9th June 2014.

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