Adlens Introduces Autumn Collection Of Its Adjustable Focus Eyewear Lines

The new Adlens Adjustables and Adlens Sundials autumn collections are offered in Chestnut Brown, Teal and Plum colours

Adlens Adjustables Plum
Adlens Adjustables in Plum

Adlens® has announced a new Autumn Collection for its Adlens AdjustablesTM and Adlens SundialsTM lines. Matching the muted tone of the season, the new range arrives in Chestnut Brown, Teal and Plum: the perfect complement to an autumnal ensemble.

The Autumn Collection offers Adlens wearers a wider selection of colours, so that they can continue to see with confidence and do it in seasonal style.

Chestnut Brown mirrors the recent labelling of ‘Cognac’ as one of Pantone’s top 10 fall colours of 2014, with Plum matching ‘Radiant Orchid’ on the same list. Teal is a cooler reflection on ‘Bright Cobalt’, also in the top 10. Blake Kuwahara, Adlens’ style consultant, has designed each new frame colour to keep in step with emerging, progressive colour trends.

Adlens Sundials have also expanded the Autumn Collection with two stylish new tints for its UVA/UVB-resistant lenses. Brown-tinted lenses blend perfectly with the season, complementing each new frame colour in a distinctive way, whilst the refreshing green tint, a true American classic, stays on- trend with its vintage roots.

Adlens Sundials in Teal Green
Adlens Sundials in Teal Green

The Alvarez lens technology in both Adlens Adjustables and Adlens Sundials is comprised of two wave-shaped plates that glide across each other to incrementally adjust the focus of each eyeglass. This enables correction of over 90 per cent of spherical errors (-6 to +3 diopters) in those without astigmatism, significantly improving visual acuity in all kinds of situations. They are perfect for working with fine details, reading books or tablets, using computers, doing DIY, watching TV, and playing sports such as golf and football. Adlens Adjustables and Adlens Sundials are also an ideal way to manage the fluctuating vision experienced by diabetes patients and those recovering from eye surgery.

With these new seasonal models, Adlens Adjustables becomes a collection of 11 product options, and Adlens Sundials becomes a collection of 12.

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