New Blackfin Sunglass Offers A Truly Magnetic Look

The new sunglass model features huge lenses and a flexible beta-titanium frame, and weights just 17.2gm

Blackfin_ Zero EDGE_MAGNETICBF715
Model BF715 MAGNETIC from Blackfin Zero EDGE range

The name says it all for this new sunglass model for women from the Blackfin Zero EDGE range. Model BF715 MAGNETIC perfectly encapsulates the very essence of this 100% Italian, titanium eyewear brand: style, design, research and innovation.

The slim-line front frames the lenses that are the real stars of the show. The angular curves of the front stand in contrast to the taut arc that divides the massive lenses into two hemispheres each featuring a different mirror-finish. A design that is as bold as it is stylish, that attracts attention but without ostentation.

“A magnetic contrast of lines and colours,” as designer Corrado Rosson defines it, yet designed for maximum lightness and comfort. The huge lenses ensure perfect all-round vision and sun-protection. The super-strong flexible beta-titanium frame has screw-free ATOM ZERO flexi-joints and patented Swordfish temple-tips that can be shortened at will for a perfect fit. Weighing in at a total of only 17.2gm, this is truly a great design.

Blackfin Zero EDGE MAGNETIC expresses all its personality in its three versions: opaque purple with multilayer purple/midnight blue mirrored lenses, opaque black with silver black/lemon gold lenses or the total black version with smoky/silver black lenses.


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