BOSS ORANGE Spring/Summer 2013 seasonal eyewear collection



The new BOSS ORANGE eyewear collection for Spring/Summer 2013 catches the eye with its bold shapes, intense colors and brand new patterns.

These sunglasses and optical frames, with their vintage style and contemporary twist, are a true must-have accessory.





Spotted Treatment

bo0105s_acynmMod. BO 0105/S (man), Mod. BO 0106/S (man) and Mod. BO 0112 (unisex)

An ’80s-inspired large, square shape for these men’s sunglasses and this unisex acetate optical frame with a unique spotted effect on the temples. These models feature an alluring exchange of vibrant hues and shaded nuances, such as turquoise/blue, light green/dark green, light blue/dark blue or dark gray/black, with shaded or transparent dark blue, brown or gray lenses.

Vintage Inspiration

bo0103s_9u6jjMod. BO 0103/S (man)

A vintage style reinterpreted with new metal details, defines these large, well sculptured unisex acetate sunglasses. The “BOSS Orange” logo stands out on the temples, while the front is characterized by a unique frosted-glass effect, created by adding a matte finish to the shaded acetate. The color palette combines matte tones of blue/sky blue, gray/brown, burgundy/pink, with classic, gloss hues of havana and black, gray/shaded brown and burgundy/red.

bo0104s_9v7jdMod. BO 0104/S (woman), Mod. BO 0109 (man) and Mod. BO 0111 (woman)

A large, cat-eye shape inspired by the 1950’s defines these women’s acetate sunglasses, with a metallic detail on both sides of the lenses. This model comes in ultra-feminine color combinations, such as sky blue/olive/brown or orange/red/burgundy with shaded brown, dark blue or gray lenses. A retro flair for these acetate rectangular-shaped optical frames highlighted by trendy two-tone combinations, such as purple/orange, dark havana/black, gray/beige, shaded pink/cyclamen, petrol blue/blue, havana or total black.


bo0108s_9z3fMod. BO 0108/S (woman) and Mod. BO 0115 (woman)

With their large, rectangular silhouettes, these women’s acetate sunglasses and this injection-moulded optical frame assert their contemporary, urban personality. Alluring transparencies in soft tones of purple, peach, pink and gray with green, purple or shaded gray lenses highlight the sunglasses’ lightweight feel, while two-tone combinations in shaded nuances of pink/gray, blue/turquoise, pink/brown and gray/sky blue/blue soften the optical frame’s square shape

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