Budri Eyewear: The Project Explained By The Creators

Gianmarco Budri and Valerio Cometti join forces for the exclusive eyewear model in ultra lightweight marble

BUDRI EYEWEAR_sketches_marbleBudri, the leading Italian inlay company of worldwide renown, with over fifty years’ experience working fine marbles and semi-precious stones, has applied its know-how to a new product segment that unites all those qualities of craftsmanship, technology, uniqueness and Italian design and production that have made its stone projects famous the world over.

Today Budri Eyewear is the culmination of an original, pioneering project launched in 2011, then suspended for two years as a result of the earthquake that struck Mirandola in 2012. The creative idea was developed thanks to extensive research that enabled the in-house development of a specific production technology which successfully combines the company’s outstanding workmanship with the know-how and genius of designer Valerio Cometti, as well as the expertise of some of the biggest names in the eyewear industry.

“Our passion stems from reverence for the rare, precious material that we are privileged to work” states Gianmarco Budri, CEO of the company. “For us, beauty is the driver of all our business decisions and there are no barriers or preconceived notions hindering the expressive capacity and production potential of marble. It was precisely with this spirit that we developed the Budri Eyewear project”.

Valerio Cometti and Gianmarco Budri
Valerio Cometti and Gianmarco Budri

“A project that started out almost as a joke, became a provocation, a challenge for us” continues Gianmarco Budri. “Today we can present a unique eyewear model, fashioned from marble, onyx or semi-precious stone using a patented production technique that makes it ultra lightweight. Each piece is absolutely exclusive and bespoke, characteristics deriving from the unique slab from which the glasses are crafted”.

Every Budri Eyewear model encapsulates Italian manufacturing excellence, the precision of the company’s masters of inlay and technological innovation, which characterise production procedures and finishing. A designer object that summarizes know-how, an age-old art and skill that are so significant as to transcend fashion and trends.

“Conceptually, the idea of taking such a solid, heavy, rigid material and making it plastic, lightweight and almost fluid, was for me simply irresistible from the moment Gianmarco Budri involved us in the project” states Valerio Cometti. “The extremely rigid nature of the material meant that the design stage required an incredibly high level of precision, far greater than ever seen before in the field of eyewear”.

“I believe great credit must go to the manufacturing experience and skill involved” continues Cometti, “as well as the team that was created to take the Budri Eyewear project from the drawing board through to reality. This project really is the culmination of Italian passion and excellence”.

The Budri Eyewear collection – men’s and women’s glasses and sunglasses – will be launched on the international market in September 2016 and will be available in stores from December.

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