Cat Eye Meets Dynamic Neons

Cat eye gets a splash of dynamic neon! 

Making a statement as the next noteworthy thick angular cat eye, Ogi Eyewear’s 9206 enters the market with an edgy yet inviting appearance. This desirable style encompasses many rich designer details, giving it an exquisite look unlike anything we’ve seen before. Available in 4 designer colour schemes of pink mingle, purple mingle, yellow mingle and green mingle, the 9206 assures confidence to the face behind the frame. From the vibrant acetate fronts to the matching coloured metal hinge accents, the 9206 presents itself as a frame to remember.


Getting to know 9206 better

Ogi Eyewear lights up the room with a dynamic, vivid expression of colour in the 9206 style. Bright neons join with dark painterly strokes to create a bold yet wearable frame. Vibrant acetate pairs with coordinating metal hinge accents in this thick angular cat eye style that is sure to turn heads.



The wow factors

  • Sporting a laminated multilayered structure, the front/back demi pattern in elegant striations come with a middle layer, representing flourescent colour giving overall perspective of depth.
  • It also features stainless steel coloured electroplated metal hinges.
  • The eyewear is an answer to the recent trend of more vibrant colouring.

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