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The latest Volte Face collection is a tribute to the great French eye-wear tradition

A taste for beautiful things. The Founder of Volte Face, as well as its creative director, Fabienne Coudray-Meisel brings her keen, personal insights to the chic and slightly curious world of high-end eyewear. Her original collections, standout designs and material pairing reflect a subtle sense of luxury. Her exquisite detailing, sculptural forms, sublime materials and delicate colour schemes set Volte Face apart from all other lines. For each new collection, the designer has a very special way of using volumes, colours, textures and materials. The models are designed and worked like exceptional items of jewellery. Made entirely in France, they are a tribute to the great French eye-wear tradition.

Chics paillettes

Charabia 0500

Smart glitter. Winning combination for these two new Volte Face models which associate both acetate and glitter with an inimitable work. The style is imaginative. Glitter subtle use and flawless, Volte Face here plays a spangled look ’80s spirit, smart and glamorous. An indisputable fashion advantage which illuminate women faces with light.


Chacha 2295
Chacha 2295

En mode couleur

Colour trend. With sparkling softness, smart urban look and a strongly cheerful charm, Chacha and Chabia are marvellously fashionable. Volte Face here leaves nothing to chance. Materials uperpositions, unusual contrasted and matching colours combinations, the brand here plays the card of optimism and daring. Colours are pure, textures are sensual. A very well-balanced fashion and colours mix for an impeccable look.

Catalina 7680
Catalina 7680

Belles écailles

Beautiful scales. Scales as dresscode for Volte Face new models. Made in Titanium (Coraline & Celia) or Acetate (Claudia & Calatina), these four new models bet on their elegance and creativity, while exploring a very fashionable and up-dated style. The refine materials work is in favour with delicate and sparkling scales explored through some pretty colours combinations.


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